Bikini Body Guide #BBG Results

Bikini Body Guide #BBG Results

Bikini Body Guide #BBG Results

These two girls have some amazing transformations they have shared with me, you NEED to read their stories! This is what makes me so proud of our amazing #BBG community.

This is the lovely @lizbet_bbg who sent me this email:

"Before starting the BBG I always played in different co-ed sports leagues with my friends. I'm 25 now, and I always played sports through high school, but once I hit college, I didn't do as much working out until I got engaged! Unfortunately I didn't hear about the BBG until after my honeymoon, but it didn't take me long at all to decide it was the perfect workout for me! Its convenient enough to complete any where and now that I just restarted week 1, it's JUST as difficult as week 12 was!!!

I decided to change my lifestyle because I wasn't very happy with myself! After my wedding it was about 8 months before I started working out again and it was definitely the missing piece from my life! It's such a stress reliever and it gave me my confidence back. That alone is priceless!! It was necessary and I wouldn't change a thing!! I never was able to stick as close to a workout before but with the BBG community's support, I knew I wouldn't let myself fail at this! It was too important to me! Failing or quitting was never an option!

Since starting the BBG I have toned up and am so much more confident with my body! I used to HATE the look of my legs but now I'm starting to love them! They are becoming defined and I've never experienced that before! My torso is tightening up and my core is becoming more defined! Jeans fit different and high waisted shorts and crop tops are exciting to me now!! ((As long as I make it classy that is!! ☺️)) I haven't really changed sizes but clothes just for better!!

The feeling of confidence is absolutely PRICELESS. I owe that not only to you Kayla, but to every single supportive BBG sister who has been there for me, even when they didn't even know they were helping! Any new BBG Girls just starting out, results are achievable as long as YOU put in the effort & don't give up on yourself! Your biggest competition is the girl in the mirror!"

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story @lizbet_bbg! You look amazing and should be very proud of yourself, I am so happy you are confident and happy within your own skin again!! xx


bikini body guide results

This is the lovely @tyefitness who sent me this email:

"Before finding your guides, I always struggled with extra weight here and there. I was never considered "fat" or "over weight" but I was simply never happy with my body. I was fairly skinny on the outside, but on the inside it was a different story. I was constantly tired, I never had much energy, and it seemed I was always sick. For someone who was only 18 at the time, I decided it was time that I should do something about it!

I struggled for a year and a half trying to lose weight and tone my body. I tried countless unhealthy diets and fad workouts, all leading to little success. Now, after finding the Bikini Body Guides, I only wish I would have found them sooner! I now have the energy to make it through the day without thinking about getting coffee or taking a nap. I can now wear what I want and feel confident again! And most of all, I am now healthy, happy, and proud of my body! 

This Bikini Body Guide has given me the tools I need to succeed and the knowledge to know its possible. You have changed my life and shown me that my goal body IS achievable with a little hard work!

I not only gained physical strength from the Bikini Body Guide but you helped me find the strength that comes from within as well. The guides have taught me that through my weakness' I can find my strengths. You have assisted me in realizing that I do have the power to change my life. You've helped me find the courage to fight on even when I thought I'd lost all ambition. You've shown me its not just about gaining strength physically but mentally as well.

That finding and strengthening your fortitude is what will make you successful because this is a LIFESTYLE, not just a short 12 weeks. This journey has taught me more than I ever thought it would, I could never thank you enough!!"

Thank you SO much for sending through your story @tyefitness! You look incredible, but most importantly I am so proud of the confidence you have gained - hearing words like that brings the biggest smile to my face!

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it through to for a chance to be featured on my blog! 

Love, Kayla xx


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.