Incredible BBG Results!

Incredible BBG Results!

Check out these amazing transformations! I am so proud of these girls and their amazing effort - if you would like to share a BBG transformation with me, email it to :)

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This is the lovely @progresspure who sent me this email:

"Before I started using the Bikini Body Training Guide I always told myself I was a pretty healthy person, I tried to avoid fatty foods like white bread and pasta etc... but a lot of the time this would lead to on and off, unhealthy gorging. I would eat healthy sometimes and then feel like it would be okay to just eat a whole pack of biscuits to myself! So my eating habits were definitely unbalanced, I was so ashamed of when I did eat junk food because I felt like it was a release, I would even secretly eat chocolate from my boyfriend's cupboard! I was never worried about my relationship with food because 65% of the time I was able to eat relatively healthy and I went to the gym roughly twice a week. But i was aware that I had to change something because I didn't enjoy my dependency and even slight obsession I got with some foods. I have always worked hard at the gym and really tried to give it my all with whatever workout I was doing, whether that was weight lifting (which I went through a small phase of) or cardio. But I was really sick of never seeing results and I just couldn't understand why.

This feeling of frustration, of working out and eating 'healthy' built up so much that I really had just had enough! I stumbled across you and the Bikini Body Training Guides a few months before, and had been incorporating randomly some of your workouts into some stuff I was doing at the gym, so I was relatively familiar with them. One evening I just decided that I had to change my attitude and stop seeing exercising and no junk food as a bad thing, I had to stop being the victim and start taking control. I wasn't happy and I really felt I had potential to achieve what I wanted to achieve. So one day I just decided to commit to the workouts and take it slowly but surely with the food. And that is what I did! And from then I've been doing the guides and I love it.

Perhaps the biggest progress for me is my attitude and positivity, I have always been a positive person but my relationship to food and working out has been life changing for me. I no longer get obsessions with food and fixate on foods I shouldn't be eating. I love food, so much more than before I started the program! I don't gorge, I don't count calories I just eat healthy fresh foods and I eat till I am full. I listen to my mind and body so much more, meaning I respect myself a hell of a lot more! My energy levels are so much higher than before, I used to wake up everyday around 10/11 and now (this sounds so funny) but I am SO excited to wake up every morning, have a lovely fresh breakfast and get in my workout that since starting the guides I have a natural bodyclock which gets me up around 7am/8am.

Even when I was at uni a couple months ago I would wake up at 6am every morning with a smile on my face, so excited to get up, get dressed, (even in rainy grey and dark Scotland!) and walk for 25 mins to the gym! I am a lot more self confident now too, I respect myself for sticking to these guides and so hold my head a little bit higher and feel better within myself. In terms of physical progress I have dropped a size in my jeans and dress size! (and 2 cup sizes! haha) but I feel soo much more comfortable in my own skin now. Thank you!"

You look incredible @progresspure!! You should be very proud of yourself, your effort and dedication is amazing and I'm so happy you have a much happier relationship with food now. xx


BBG results

This is the lovely @bbgandfitness who sent me this:

"Hey Kayla,

I’m owner of the awesome BBG since April 2014 but always failed after getting 2-3 weeks in. I’m a very active person but I also love it to eat... It took me 10 months until I realized that I have to change my eating habits to see results and I started with #thek2movement over again and 3 months later I can say: I DID IT!

12 weeks with almost no candies, more water (no drinks with sugar), no alcohol, and a lot of good food. I’m soo proud of what I achieved and I don’t want to give up this feeling! I’m really looking forward to seeing how much more my body can change."

 You look amazing @bbgandfitness!! You should be SO proud of yourself - look at those abs! xx

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.