Bikini Body Guide Reviews & Results!

Bikini Body Guide Reviews & Results!

I have two very different transformations to share with you today - both of these girls have worked so hard and put in so much effort. It just goes to show that ANYONE can be fit, healthy and strong. All you need is the right mindset and some dedication! 

BBG results

This is the lovely @gracefituk who sent me this email:

"I have always absolutely loved sports - I used to be a competitive gymnast and so would be training for hours and hours each day, meaning that I was originally very fit and toned. I unfortunately got injured in a car accident about 5 years ago meaning that I couldn't continue to train in such a physically intense sport. For about 3/4 years after this I kind of used it as an excuse to do nothing (despite after about half a year being almost entirely recovered) - I enjoyed being physically active but I guess it was a way out. Unsurprisingly at this point I got quite a lot heavier and, even worse, very unfit. I used to use my asthma as an excuse not to do any intense sports lessons at school (oops). Due to my laziness and subsequent increase in weight, I had a really horrible relationship with food. I would go on these "health kicks" which were really just me eating as little as possible and then running for as long as I could (not very long at all ?) whenever I could. As you can imagine, this was worse for me than consistent eating of any type would have been. Then...I found the BBG!

I decided to change my lifestyle because I think I was so fed up with trying hard for a month or so, seeing no progress and giving up. I had previously been very strong and disciplined so it was upsetting to feel that I couldn't get anywhere no matter how hard I tried. I think I missed just being strong and fit, and confident! 

I'm at least a size smaller in clothing, and would be probably one smaller than that if it wasn't for my enormous bum (thank you for that one too, Kayla!). Now if I wear anything high-waisted, I have to get the waist taken in so that I don't look like I've got a kangaroo-esque pouch of ill-fitting clothing in my stomach area. Energy changes have been ridiculously large: I am fitter now so have a lot more endurance in almost everything. Nourishing myself with the right foods and the right amount of food has helped with this as well, and I've learnt that this does not mean eating a prune and (if I was being indulgent) a bowl of porridge a day (one of my less effective health kick phases), but that it's so much more important to nourish yourself well with a good and healthy amount of food!

Self confidence is however where I experienced the most change. I would pose specifically, wear very particular clothing and avidly censor my Facebook photos to make myself look a certain way. This is not to say that I like all photos of me now, or that I walk into every room radiating confidence, but more that I know that I've worked for what I've achieved and that's something to be proud of. I know that no one can take that away from me, and that I don't need to be "skinny" to be loved - all I need to be in confident is myself and my achievements.  I've come to love so many of my previous insecurities (hell yeah I have thick quads, they're STRONG), and knowing that I'm fit and healthy makes me just that little bit happier and more confident every day. 

Funnily enough, I've gained weight! This is because I was bigger in size before, but made primarily of body fat rather than muscle. I am 140lb now and was 130lb when I started. A main piece of advice that I'd give to people at any stage of their weight-loss/fitness journey is to throw away the scales, just put them in the bin. I didn't weigh myself from this time last year up until a few weeks ago. I know that if I'd looked at around 4 weeks and saw myself gaining weight, I'd have lost confidence and stopped there and then as that's the type of person I was. When I weighed myself for the first time recently, I laughed. I laughed because I could see in the mirror all that I needed to know, and that alone shows how much my self-confidence has soared through doing the BBG

With your help I've managed to KILL workouts weekly, get so much stronger and gain a ridiculous amount of confidence. I know I was never large but I didn't feel confident. Now I know I'm strong, determined and confident and can work for whatever my goals are. Thank you, Thank You❤️????"

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your pictures @gracefituk, but most importantly your story! I loved reading it, I am so glad you have found confidence and are happy and healthy! Love the advice about the scales - you should be so proud of yourself! xxx


BBG results

 This is the lovely @nourishing.loz who sent me this email:

"I just thought I would share with you my transformation through your BBG Guide. I went from a very underweight and sick girl after a battle with anorexia to fit healthy and strong. I am now on week 6 of the BBG and feeling amazing, recovery is so worth it!

Before starting the guides I had already gained about 10kg after being force fed in hospitals and by my parents at home. This left me feeling horrible in my body and I wanted to get back into regular exercise to feel good but didn't know where to start.  At the time I wasn't in a healthy mindset so I had to be forced to make changes but I was very sick and my parents used to worry that I wouldn't wake up in the morning and knew they had to do something. 

Since starting the BBG I have noticed my body get fitter and stronger with more muscle definition. I have so much more energy and am just so much more in love with life. I am not scared of food anymore I know that it is the fuel my body needs to function and get stronger. At my lowest weight I was 47kg and I am now 60kg. 

Thank you so much for everything!"

Amazing work @nourishing.loz! You look absolutely incredible and I am SO proud of you! I am so happy to see you are now healthy, fit and STRONG! You should be very proud of yourself. xxx

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to 

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.