Bikini Body Guide Reviews & Transformations!

Bikini Body Guide Reviews & Transformations!

Bikini Body Guide Reviews & Transformations!

This week I have some amazing stories to share with you girls! I am SUPER proud of both of these lovely women who have changed their lives!

This is the lovely @lettie_b who sent me this email:

"Dear Kayla,

I wanted to send you this photo and take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know with so many women (and men) following your guides you must get this all of the time. And I can only imagine the pressure you're under! Nevertheless, I wanted to thank you in the hope you might see this! 
I was 93kg at my heaviest, and started my weightloss journey a few years ago. I was always focused purely on losing weight and tried everything I could to get "skinny", both healthy and unhealthy options. I was 68kg when I started your guides and have never looked back! I have been inspired, encouraged and motivated by an amazing group of women who, using you as an example, are always filling my Instagram with positivity.

I've lost 13kg over 3 rounds of BBG, but the biggest change has been my mindset. I no longer compare myself to anyone and simply want to be better than the person I was yesterday. I care about my health and want to be strong, a number on the scale no longer holds any meaning and after finishing round 3 I decided to throw the scales away. They have controlled me for far too long. 

What you have started is something completely incredible, to be able to positively influence so many people all over the world and have them all support each other is such an accomplishment. I wish I had the BBG and the BBG community back when I started losing weight, however my journey has made me who I am and I am so proud of how far I've come. I'm the best version of myself that I have ever been, inside and out. 

Thank you Kayla, for changing my life,

Lettie Xx"

Wow @lettie_b you look absolutely amazing! Your email was SO sweet I am so happy to hear you have regained your confidence and are comfortable in your own skin. You should be very proud of yourself! xx


This is the lovely @sandyd6 who sent me this email:


Well growing up we didn't eat healthy at all, margarine was considered butter, lots of white flour and commercial cereal... and I was the type of person who could eat anything and everything and not gain weight! So I loved my junk food!

I got married when I was 18 and got pregnant right away, my in laws are super into health like everything is home grown, organic, pasture raised... It's awesome! So I was introduced to health by my husbands side of the family, after my first daughter I bounced back right away without trying, 2 months later I looked like I didn't just have a baby, and I ate a lot healthier, when I was 21 I had my second daughter and the same thing I went right back to my usual size in no time, with both my girls I only gained 20 lbs which was pretty much all baby and lost the excess weight right away... Then I got pregnant with my 3rd and immediately I started showing, I thought I was having twins! Well turned out it was just a big baby BOY! we were so excited to have a boy after two girls! 

I gained 35 lbs with him and I ate exactly the same as I did with my girls, probably even healthier then I have ever eaten actually! After he was born in November it was the holidays so I actually gained a little weight. As soon as he was 3 months old I started on cleanses, the 21 day sugar detox, military diet, gm diet, I've tried lyfe tea detox teas... And I would occasionally exercise with my sister but I was so non animated I would dread the thought of going to the gym. I was apparently quite lazy when it came to exercise, but I knew something needed to happen cause I was stuck... Well one day scrolling through Instagram inspirations I came across your page and fell in love! You seemed so normal haha beautiful, strong, healthy and featured so many girls transformations on your page I knew it had to be legit. Most fit pages are all about themselves and never feature any one else, so I bought the guides and me and 3 cousins did it together. I was amazed at how fast I started seeing results, how I looked forward to each morning workout, my energy went through the roof! And with 3 kids you can imagine how that helps! I was up at nights cleaning and singing haha!

I was excited to find that the way I eat is pretty similar to the nutrition guide provided by you... It feels so great to be getting my body back, I know the older you get and more kids you have it gets harder and harder to stay in shape and I'm just so grateful to have these guides for life! With my next kid I will start on these as soon as I can, that way it won't take me as long to get in shape as it has this time!! Kayla I just want to thank you for inspiring me everyday with your awesome Instagram page, your beautiful spirit that shines through your photos and your loving support you have for all us BBG girls! 

Forever grateful, Sandra LeBaron"

Thank you SO much for your email Sandra! You look incredible and should be very proud of yourself! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying exercise and have so much energy to spend with your beautiful children! xx

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.