Amazing #BBG Guide Results!

Amazing #BBG Guide Results!

I have some super special transformations to share with you girls this week! Both of these incredible ladies used my BBG Guide and have achieved amazing results BOTH physically and mentally!

This is the lovely @squatnow.winelater who sent me this email:

"I've always been in to health and fitness but when I got pregnant I used that as an excuse to take a hiatus. I gained 55 pounds with my daughter due to poor nutrition and little to no activity. When my daughter was born in March 2014 I was so unhappy with my "new body" after baby. I came home from delivery still carrying an extra 20 pounds of weight. I continued to eat poorly and had little energy. I slept a lot. 

I came across Kayla's BBG guides, began following her on social media and started looking at all the transformation photos wishing that could be me. One day, I stopped wishing and started doing. I bought the BBG and HELP nutrition guides and hit BBG 1.0 full force and couldn't be happier. The last 12 weeks have taught me to love myself from within. My clothes that I had before I got pregnant now fit me and honestly, better than before! I feel so confident in my own skin now! I have more energy than I ever have (and I'm a mom to a 19 month old princess who is a ball of energy!) I can't thank Kayla enough for creating these guides and I hope one day I get to personally thank her! 

My starting weight was 145 pounds and I'm currently 129 pounds. I've restarted BBG 1 this week and can not wait to see what is in store for me over the next 12 weeks! This has become more than just a twelve week program for me. This is my lifestyle now. And I love it!"

I am SO proud of you @squatnow.winelater!! You look incredible, such an inspiring Mum! Hearing this is your new lifestyle & are loving it makes me so happy xx



This is the amazing @lynnmaree_ who sent me this email:

"Hi Kayla and Team,

I sent through an email several months ago saying a huge THANK YOU. I was involved in a serious accident in May and broke my neck in 3 places, my back in 3 places, my left shoulder, my right arm and my right foot - as well as 20 stitches to my forehead. At the time I was at week 6 of the BBG programme and doctors have said it is a miracle I didn't die given where the breaks in my neck were, let alone still able to walk! At the time of injury I had never felt stronger and I seriously put this down to the guides. I truly believe that my body was strong enough to withstand this and it also helped me to recover quickly. Not being able to exercise was quite possibly one of the hardest parts of recovery. 

Two months after the injury, lots of bed rest and still in a neck brace I starting walking everywhere and had my eye on starting the BBG program as soon as I could! With the help of physio and a great medical team I was able to have my neck brace off one month earlier than expected! My fitness level had decreased massively over this period and I lost a lot of muscle but I was determined to get back into it. I started the programme again from scratch and it seriously wasn't easy! I really had to push myself a lot, even a push up was a stretch given my shoulder and wrist. But to my surprise as the weeks went by I felt myself returning to normal strength. Everyone around me was completely blown away with how quickly I was bouncing back - just quietly, so was I.

I have now just completed week 11 which I managed to do while on holiday in Bali (my boyfriend and I were scheduled to go to Europe two weeks before my accident, which we had to cancel). I can honestly say I have never felt stronger, and I have gained so much respect and appreciation for what both my mind and body are capable of. I have struggled with Anorexia in my younger years and having returned to a normal weight I developed poor body image to the point where I would rarely go out, and never felt good enough. For the first time I genuinely feel confident, and I am proud of what I have achieved so far. Kayla's guides truly have saved my life. It has been a bloody hard year to say the least but I am excited to continue on this journey and to see where it will take me, I can not thank you all enough."

Wow!!! You are an amazing, inspirational woman @lynnmaree_ Following your story has been heart warming and I am SOOO happy to see you fit, strong and confident!! You should be so proud of yourself and everything you have achieved xx

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.