Life Changing #BBG Transformations & Results!

Life Changing #BBG Transformations & Results!

This week I have some AMAZING transformations to share with you! I think they prove that no matter how far you have to go - you can do it! 

BBG Transformation


I found this amazing girl on Instagram and I am SOOOO proud of her! This is one of the reasons social media can be such a positive tool, there is nothing but love and support for you, from the amazing #BBGCommunity!

This is what she wrote in her caption:

"If you don't start you'll never change - i've never told my story on here and I want to. This #BBGTransformation photo was a tough one to post. I've showed like 5 people that before shot. But I wanted to post it for every #BBGover200 girl out there to be encouraged! When I started BBG I had already been going to the gym everyday but didn't know what to do, I wandered.

@Sweat.and.sassy told me about BBG and so I set a date and started it May 2. On week 2 the front desk lady saw me trying to jump rope, I kept hitting myself in the head, I couldn't even jump high enough to do 100. She laughed at me and told me I looked silly. I laughed it off and came back to the gym the next day. I hid in a corner, trying to do the workout. But as I struggled to do burpees that I knew looked silly I broke down crying.

My dad had been doing the workouts out with me to encourage me. With tears rolling down my cheeks I told him 'Dad I weigh 211 pounds, I can't do this.' He told me words that I have repeated almost everyday since that workout 'but where will you be if you never try?' We left that day not even making it through 7 minutes. I thought about his words...looked at my before pictures. And decided I don't want to be this girl forever, I don't want to be in the same place in 6 months.

I began to follow girls on Instagram like @burgerstoburpees, @corporate_sneakers, @gracies_journey, @plankingforpizza and of course @kayla_itsines - I would stare at pictures of abs and show them to my husband, I'd tell him...I'm gonna get there, I have to! I'm not there yet...but I have grown so much mentally and physically. I started at almost 215 pounds and now I'm in the 170s. I am so grateful I didn't give up and I can't wait to see me in another 6 months! Thank you to the WHOLE #BBGCommunity I could never mention all the girls who've encouraged me this far, but thank you!"

You are looking AMAZING @run.janerun! You should be incredibly proud of yourself, what a wonderful way to finish 2015! I can't wait to keep following you on your journey xx


 BBG Transformation

This is the lovely @bianca_bay who sent me this email:

"Balance and overall wellness is always something I've strived to have and consistently maintain. It seemed so much easier years ago but after having my son, enrolling back into school full-time, and working I thought I would never be able to find time for an efficient and effective fitness routine. Time and money to join a gym just wasn't a realistic option for me. I can't express how grateful I am that I found the BBG Guides that allow me to squeeze in awesome workouts in such a short amount of time, AT HOME, and get amazing results!!

I've never even felt this confident about my body before I had my son! I feel both physically and mentally stronger than ever before. The physical results have been incredible but the most important part of this process has been rediscovering my passion for fitness, and staying committed and finding time for myself that will benefit my overall health, all while showing my son how important self-love and inner strength is !! Thank you so much Kayla!"

 You look incredible @bianca_bay! Check out those abs!! I am so happy to hear you have found self-love and are so much stronger - keep going you have done amazing! xx

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please send it to 

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.