You Need To See These Amazing BBG Transformations!

You Need To See These Amazing BBG Transformations!

Check out these awesome transformations! Both of these girls have put in SO much effort - I am super proud of them and their results.

BBG Transformation

This is the lovely Indigo who sent me this email:

"Hi Kayla and Team,

I wanted to email you this photo from my insta (@IAH_FIT) as it's had such a positive reception and has made me feel so proud! I hope you will be to!! It's amazing what a year, a change of lifestyle, a workout guide and a very supportive community of amazing BBG sisters can do!

Currently, I'm down 17kg and up a whooole lot of confidence! I've made so many BBG friends (mainly through Instagram but I feel like I've genuinely connected with them!) so I just want to thank you! I love this community!!

Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year :) biggest of love!!!

Indigo xx"

 Wow Indigo! You look incredible, that is such a massive amount of effort and I honestly couldn't be prouder of you, amazing job! xx


BBG Transformation

This is the lovely Haley who sent me this email:

"Hi Kayla,

Firstly thank you times a million!! I wouldn't say I ever had a "bad" body but I wasn't satisfied with how I felt about my body, my friend had me some of your workouts to start and I thought wow I could do this. I bought BBG 1 not long after and I was hooked. Thank you thank you much love from Laguna beach!


You look incredible Haley! You should be soo proud of yourself - amazing job xx

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me please email it to

Love, Kayla 


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