Amazing #BBGMums Transformation Stories!

Amazing #BBGMums Transformation Stories!

Amazing #BBGMums Transformation Stories!
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When you have a family to care for, it can feel really difficult to make time for yourself. But I’m a firm believer that taking care of your health can make such a big difference to the health of your family too. 

These two BBG mums realised they needed to make their healthy a priority to properly care for their families. They have inspirational stories to share with you!

Ashley — @this_mamas_fit_journey

Before starting her BBG journey, Ashley says she was stuck in a “2-year major funk that consisted of little to no working out.” As someone who used to be a collegiate athlete, Ashley was used to working out and taking care of her health, but she admits that wasn’t so easy after having children. 

“I am a stay-at-home mum of two little girls and like so many others had put everyone else before myself, especially when it came to making time for myself to work out.” After a move to a new city, Ashley was busy trying to settle her family and hold everything together for them. She felt guilty if she wasn’t spending all of her time with her girls — she felt selfish if she made time to workout.  

Ashley first began her BBG journey in January 2016, but she explains that her mental state was not ready to commit. “I tried getting back into running, but only did it a few times and would stop. I ultimately gained about 15-20 pounds.” Before moving, Ashley had been in a good fitness routine and was working out every day. After the move, “I felt the complete opposite of that. I felt super crummy, had little energy and felt like I was never going to get back to feeling motivated and excited about working out.” 

That changed when Ashley decided to commit to 12 weeks of BBG in January 2017. She didn’t want to give up early, or quit. She wanted to be the best mum and wife possible. Ashley wasn’t focused on losing weight — she just wanted to get back into a routine and feel good physically and mentally. “I was fed up and sick of going days, weeks and months without getting into a great sweat and feeling incredible. I had had it with the funk I was in and knew that this was a great opportunity to join a community that is very supportive, full of women who are all striving to be healthy, and most importantly, it provided me with a structured workout plan to follow.”

Since starting BBG again, Ashley has stuck to it and says her mindset is where the biggest transformation has taken place. She’s feeling happier, full of energy and has shaken off the funk she was feeling. Making herself a priority has allowed her to care for her family even more. 

Ashley has also felt the transformation in her body, which she says is a bonus! Once her mental state changed and she found a program she loved, everything became easier. 

Ashley happily explains that she hasn’t weighed herself since day 1 because she doesn’t want to be controlled by the scale. Instead, she prefers to use progress pictures as her motivation. 

Congratulations on your hard work Ashley, I’m so happy you are loving BBG!

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Amazing #BBGMums Transformation Stories!

Keely — @keely_bbg

After seeing some BBG transformations on Instagram, Keely became intrigued. She found out as much information as she could about BBG and decided to start as soon as she received clearance from her doctor after having her second baby. 

12 months into her BBG journey, Keely says she has never felt better! “I gained a lot of weight with both my pregnancies and needed to make a lifestyle change.” Keely says she made changes to her eating habits and followed the workouts, determined to really improve her health. 

Keely also says the support of the BBG Community was essential to her success. “I continually turned to my Instagram account for motivation and inspiration.” Now, Keely feels as though she has found her passion for fitness.

Since starting her BBG journey, Keely says she has learned so much about being healthy and active. “I have always dreamed of being confident in my own skin and now I can honestly say I am. Not only physically but mentally.” Keely says she is feeling so much more positive and looking on the bright side of everything.  

Not only has Keely made a transformation for herself, but for her family as well. As a mum to two little boys, she can help them to enjoy a healthy, active life thanks to the things she learned in her BBG journey. 

Congratulations Keely xxx

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