Amazing Women Sweating Their Way To Incredible Results!

Amazing Women Sweating Their Way To Incredible Results!

Amazing Women Sweating Their Way To Incredible Results!

Meet two committed ladies who began BBG to step up their progress. They are the inspiration you might need to make positive changes to your lifestyle. 

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Elizabeth — @redeemedcowgirlfitness

Elizabeth says she didn’t really have a plan when it came to her fitness. She knew it was important to map out what she should be doing, but she wasn’t really sure what to do and wasn’t confident that she could get results without a plan. 

After having her son, Elizabeth wanted to improve her health even more. She says she wanted to really push herself past the limits she’d never crossed. Starting her BBG journey was the challenge that she needed. 

Since starting BBG, Elizabeth says she is seeing muscle growth that she hadn’t seen before. “I’ve worn the same belt for five years and had to punch two new holes in it because my waist is getting so tiny!” Elizabeth is feeling so much more confident in herself and is pushing herself to become even better. 

As Elizabeth explains “It feels so good to know the plan will be there when you get up and you literally just get into action!”. That’s the great thing about BBG — it keeps challenging you to become even stronger! I’m so proud of all of Elizabeth’s hard work and I’m happy to hear she is loving the challenges! Congratulations Elizabeth!


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Michelle — @michellejsutherland

As someone who has always been active, Michelle is blown away by the strength and definition she has since starting BBG. Michelle did years of long distance running, fencing and cycling, even completing a half-marathon previously. 

While she was happy with her routine of fencing and cycling, Michelle agreed to join a co-worker and start following 12 weeks of BBG together in March 2016. Throughout those weeks, Michelle started to really enjoy working out with her friend. When her co-worker moved away, Michelle was enjoying the routines and kept up with them. 

With each week of BBG, Michelle could feel her strength growing. She loved the victories along the way, from doing 10 burpees without stopping for the first time to completing 24 spider push-ups. 

By December, Michelle was feeling good, but she wanted to push herself further. Her boyfriend left for boot camp and Michelle decided she wanted to get in the best shape of her life. She cut all junk food from her diet and kept up her BBG routine. That’s when she started to notice the muscle definition in her body. 

“My clothes are really loose! I wear formal, professional clothes very infrequently, and last time I had to wear some for work I was shocked to find that I had to buy some new pieces or get them altered. I have so much energy! I’m a confident person, but I’ve never felt this good shopping for swimwear!”

It makes me so happy to hear that Michelle didn’t let her healthy lifestyle changes fall away when her workout buddy moved. The hard work you have put in is obvious Michelle, you are glowing! Congratulations! 

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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.