BBG Results That Will Get You Motivated!

BBG Results That Will Get You Motivated!

This week I have two amazing transformations to share with you girls. Check out these two inspirational women!

This is the lovely Ashley who sent me this email: 

"Hi Kayla, 

I started BBG with the Kayla movement on January 11th this year, I was absolutely loving it and was so excited to get to the end of BBG1. 4 weeks in, my Granny was diagnosed with cancer. This news turned my whole world upside down, I stuck to BBG for only 1 more week after this, but then she got so sick I had to live in the hospital with her (well I didn't have to, I wanted to!) I was so lucky that my husband & work were so supportive of this choice.

We lost my granny 5 weeks later - it was very unexpected, she was only 65. Knowing how close you are with your grandparents, I'm sure you'll understand that this just about broke me. I genuinely felt like I would never be happy again.

Fast forward past terrible grief & a miscarriage 4 weeks after my granny past, I restarted BBG in May - I knew how good it had made me feel previously, and needed something to pull me out of the hole I was in.

It's so cliche, and I read it so often, but you've changed my life Kayla - I followed you for almost 2 years before starting; I found excuses up until starting - but I'm SO glad I did. I love your lifestyle, I love how encouraging you are, and how you've made it acceptable to be so encouraging. I have always tried to encourage people around me to be healthy, but never been consistently healthy in my life until now at the age of 27. I yoyo'd before with diets and exercise.

I tell EVERYONE about this programme! 

Thank you!! 

Ash @ashscott_healthymakeshappy" 

It's so great to read your story, Ashley! You've overcome SO much and achieved incredible results!! xx 

Sweat With Kayla

This is the lovely Nicole who sent me this email: 

"Hi Kayla, 

I started to use the BBG in March 2015. I weighed 65kg after three months of a 800kcal diet and cardio-based workout. 

I was not comfortable with myself. I did not like how this influenced me negatively on my life. Last year I discovered your Instagram account and I saw so many photos about girls' transformation with the BBG program and thought "this is not possible", but I began to use the workout and began seeing results.

After a year I weighed 57kg and I felt really good about myself. Now, after more than a year and a half, I always feel stronger and more confident.

The BBG programme has given me the tools to change my life, and I used them.

So thank you so much, Kayla !!

Nicole @nicolefinocchiaro" 

Your results are amazing Nicole, taking photos like that with your original shorts to see how far you've come, love it!! SO Proud xx 

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to

Love, Kayla xx



* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.