BBG Works If You Do! #InspiringStories

BBG Works If You Do! #InspiringStories

BBG Works If You Do! #InspiringStories

These two ladies have made such huge progress throughout their fitness journeys, not just physically, but mentally too. 

Brookelyn —  @balancingbrookelyn

Brookelyn says she was overweight growing up, but found she lost some weight by changing her diet and being a little more active. 

When she developed an allergy to gluten, Brookelyn lost more weight as she learned to deal with her new dietary needs. That was the moment she decided she no longer wanted to be self-conscious or ‘skinny’, she wanted to be strong!

It took a bit of trial and error with different programs before Brookelyn discovered BBG. Once she began using the guides, she fell in love with the structure and their flexibility — she didn’t even need to go to the gym — working out at home was a real option! The setup of the guides, plus being able to do the cardio of her choice, is something that really suits Brookelyn. As she says, ‘Your guides have changed my life!’

While she initially began BBG feeling self-conscious, Brookelyn feels as though she has learned so much and grown a lot. As she puts it, ‘I’ve learned better since beginning this journey. I do it now to stay healthy, and because I genuinely love it!’. 

The physical changes Brookelyn has noticed have also helped with her confidence. A few weeks after starting the BBG, she noticed muscle developing. 30 weeks in, her arms are defined, she has noticed a tighter, perkier butt and her abs are visible without flexing! She now wakes up with enough energy to take on the world!

Brookelyn now has strong self-love and is loving how she feels on the inside and the outside! ‘My clothes all fit so well and I’ve never owned so many bodysuits and little dresses!’. The positive responses from people who ask about her story also make her happy. 

I think Brookelyn puts it so well in saying ‘I just feel so good and it has finally put me in a good place mentally.’ 

I was so happy to read Brookelyn’s story, especially to hear how she now has lots of love for her body, inside and out!

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Lisanne — @Coconutmilkshake_

Naturally slim, Lisanne admits she ate pretty much everything she wanted. That included lots of unhealthy foods. 

Around 17 years old, Lisanne started to gain weight. She became unhappy with her appearance and didn’t want to look in the mirror anymore. This became a cycle; to cope with how she was feeling about her body, Lisanne started bingeing more and more, which led to more weight gain. 

By Autumn 2013, Lisanne was 85kg, her heaviest weight. This was the turning point; she knew she had to make changes to be happy within herself. Lisanne tried to change her lifestyle but felt as though she was failing again and again. She always fell back into bingeing. 

In January the following year, Lisanne took charge. She started eating healthy meals throughout the day, doing fasted runs in the morning and following her own training program at the gym. She fell in love with the healthy lifestyle, with feeling and looking better. It became a passion and she no longer had to think about it, a healthy lifestyle started to come naturally. 

By the end of May 2014, Lisanne was down to 64kg, something she never thought possible! But she also hit a stumbling point. She felt as though she was losing motivation. While she still loved working out, Lisanne felt that she was no longer learning and didn’t feel inspired. 

Not being able to afford personal training sessions at that time, and with a little bit of weight creeping back on, Lisanne was given my BBG as a gift. She jumped straight in. 

Following both the workouts and the recipes in the Nutrition H.E.L.P Guide, Lisanne noticed a difference in just a few weeks. She was not only losing weight, she was feeling stronger and had more stamina! As Lisanne puts it, ‘I have so much more energy and my self-confidence has grown.’ The BBG inspired Lisanne to care for herself all over again, something I love to hear from my BBG girls! 

I’m so proud of you Lisanne, your fitness journey is so inspiring! 

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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.