BBG Transformations From Brazil!

BBG Transformations From Brazil!

In celebration of my recent launch of Sweat With Kayla in Portuguese, here are some amazing Brazilian girls BBG transformations!

@naiarabr says:

"STOP WISHING,START DOING. 36 weeks and on. Thanks for my Hubby that always find time to stay with Nick so I can workout. My friends that always motivate me, working out with me and encouraging me. A special thanks to @kayla_itsines that always inspire us with pictures of the transformations and of course for the #BBGGuide that I will keep doing it...for the 4th time now." 

@meupedeabacate says:

“First picture is from end of January 2016 on my vacation in Brazil and the last one is from end of May 2016. In March this year I took one of best decisions of my life: starting @kayla_itsines BBG! Notice that I have always eaten healthy (you can see my posts) and exercised, but I was not doing it well. When I started BBG I committed to myself and the decision to go through this until the end no matter what! Thanks @kayla_itsines and @bbg_community for all the support and for helping me to restore my self confidence. This week I am starting BBG 1.0 again and I couldn't be happier!”  

Sweat With Kayla

@minhajornadabbg says:

"I can say I'm pretty happy with the results I'm having so far considering I didn't do all the LISS from the program." 

@burpeeandburger says:

I can't believe that actually worked haha can't wait for the next "before and after" pic”. 

Wow!! You all look SO incredible, girls!! You should be VERY proud of yourselves :) 

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Love, Kayla xx

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