Changing Habits For A Better Lifestyle With BBG

Changing Habits For A Better Lifestyle With BBG

Changing Habits For A Better Lifestyle With BBG

The BBG transformation stories that I want to share with you today involve two special ladies who come from different levels of fitness but who shared the same desire — to change up their routine, develop better habits and improve their health.

Read on for some serious inspiration!


Katharine’s BBG journey — @katiefitz31

Before beginning my BBG program Katharine was already living an active lifestyle. She was a group fitness instructor, as well as running marathons — both of these are such impressive achievements, Katharine! 

While Katharine was finishing marathons, she often felt leg pain during long runs. She felt she had good endurance and cardiovascular fitness but didn’t feel strong and energetic. 

The hardest part was finding a plan and sticking to it… I was semi-active at the gym but always got bored too easily. I had also been eating out a TON and simply eating too much.” 

Katharine knew that she needed to change up her routine and clean up her eating. 

I knew I needed to commit to improving my strength and endurance not just for running, but for all aspects of my life. I also knew it was time to throw my excuses out the window because at the end of the day, the only thing holding me back was myself.” 

Katharine came across my BBG program and saw how incredible the results were of the ladies using my program. She knew having a structured guide like BBG would challenge her and motivate her to keep going.

Since beginning BBG, Katharine says the results have shocked her, in a good way! 

This fitness program is by far the most effective one I’ve ever tried… I can say with absolute certainty that nothing else I’ve done has given me results like this.” 

Because of her consistent efforts, Katherine says she was also able to shave four minutes off her marathon training! 

I’ve also dropped from a size 4/6 to a size 0/2! The first time I really noticed the difference was on a trip to Mexico halfway through the program. That was the first time I put a bikini on and my mouth dropped.

What was even more exciting for Katharine was the change she noticed in her strength — both physically and mentally. After her long-term relationship came to an end, Katharine wanted to feel strong and independent doing things on her own. And she has definitely achieved this with the help of BBG!

Katharine’s words resonate with so many of the women in the BBG Community. 

In each workout, I proved to myself that I CAN. It’s all about believing in yourself no matter what and knowing the tougher the challenge, the stronger you will become. Some workouts were tough, sometimes I wanted to quit. But I didn’t, and my mental strength from before this program to after is drastically different. For that, I am forever grateful.” 

I am so incredibly proud of you, Katharine! It just goes to show that sometimes changing up your routine can make a life-changing difference!

free trial - bbg stronger 2.0free trial - bbg stronger 2.0free trial - bbg stronger 2.0

Deborah’s BBG journey — @d.salguero91

Deborah explains that before starting my BBG program, she didn’t realise that she had unhealthy habits in place. She didn’t work out and ate unhealthy foods, without realising the impact it was having. 

I had a totally sedentary life but the worst thing was that I didn’t realise how dangerous that way of life was.

Deborah decided that it was time to make herself and her health a priority. Deborah is asthmatic and she was concerned that the lifestyle she was living could be a risk to her health. 

I decided to change because I couldn’t continue that way. It wasn’t healthy at all and I felt that it was dangerous for me.” 

Deborah was ready to change her lifestyle, so she committed to making healthier choices. 

Within 20 weeks of following my BBG program, Deborah says she felt her life completely changed! Every day she is working on improving her health and fitness. 

I’m very active right now, I sleep better and I see a really big change in my clothes. I’m a smaller size and I’m using clothes that I didn’t wear for years just because they didn’t fit me. My weight was 119kg (262 lbs) and right now I’m 97.7kg (215 lbs).” 

One of the best outcomes for Deborah is the change she has seen within herself during this journey. 

The most important thing is that I’m starting to love myself, loving my body and loving the way I am. I’m much more self-confident... I’m really proud of it and really proud of me and what I’m achieving.” 

You should be SO proud, Deborah! Changing your habits so drastically is never an easy thing. You’ve made a huge lifestyle change and it’s so clear that you are a stronger and healthier woman because of it! I’m so proud of you for your efforts. 

Healthy lifestyles inspired by BBG

Both of these ladies are inspiring examples of how deciding to change up your routine can totally change your lifestyle for the better.

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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