Confidence Is At An All Time High For These Ladies! #BBGResults

Confidence Is At An All Time High For These Ladies! #BBGResults

This is the lovely Denise who sent me this email:

“Hi Kayla,

Growing up, I had a single working mom, so I didn’t grow up eating healthy nor knew how to. I would try to go to the gym and run for hours, but nothing seemed to work. After my second baby, I really let myself go. I just didn’t feel good about my body and felt a strong desire to do something about it.

I read this book on nutrition and learned about eating healthy so I started eating clean. I saw some improvement, which was encouraging, but after 3 months (June 2016) my friend told me about BBG. I got the HELP and BBG guides and my life changed forever!

In just the first 4 weeks, I saw tremendous changes in my body and that kept me going! It was so exciting and my body was beginning to look how I wanted it to! Something I’ve never experienced before!

The workouts are so clear and were the perfect guide because I had no idea where to start!

My self-confidence is so high! I’ve had 2 babies in less than 2 years and I just feel beautiful, healthy and strong!

Thank you, Kayla, for BBG and helping me have a better life!

I’ve always struggled weight wise, but that’s not a worry for me anymore.

BBG is perfect for stay-at-home mommas like me. I know this will work for the rest of my life and after my future children.

My boys now have a better life as well since they see my example and love veggies (they also copy my workouts)!

Denise - @denisevharding”

Denise, you are such an inspiration to other mummas out there! Your results are incredible xx
Sweat With Kayla

This is the lovely Alissa who sent me this email:

“Hi Kayla,

Before I started the BBG guides, I was at a point in my life where I needed to change things and figure out who I was in so many different aspects.

I have ALWAYS been into fitness and pretty healthy, however, I wasn't at a place health-wise that I was comfortable with.

It had more to do with how I felt. I lacked confidence, I wasn't focusing on the right areas and I was not seeing any results.

A lot of things happened in my personal life and it was a great time for me to get focused. In 2014, my sister told me about you and I finally decided to buy the BBG for Weeks 1-12.

I really liked it and was amazed at how good I felt after doing the exercises. I then bought BBG 2.0 Weeks 13-24 when it became available! This was the first time I was really introduced to HIIT and it has been a staple in my workouts ever since.

The change I have seen in myself has been UNREAL. The most important change I have seen is my confidence. I still have improvements I can make mentally and physically, however, I learned to love myself and my body and become more grateful for what I could accomplish.

I am so much more energetic. I remember sitting at work being SO TIRED. Now I can last throughout the day without feeling lethargic.

Alissa - @twoactivegals”

Amazing, Alissa! SO proud of you and the confident woman you have become xx

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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.