Consistency & BBG = Smashing Goals!

Consistency & BBG = Smashing Goals!

Consistency & BBG = Smashing Goals!

Do you struggle to be consistent with lifestyle changes? If so, then you need to read these BBG transformation stories. 

These two women were tired of not following through on their fitness routine and not reaching their goals. Once they found BBG, their lives definitely changed for the better!

BBG transformationCarly — @carlyritamckinney

Carly explains that while she has always loved eating healthy and working out, consistency was a big problem for her. She would follow a healthy eating plan for a few weeks and then go back to bad habits like bingeing. 

This left Carly feeling frustrated, and she even says she was hating herself for doing that. “I would tell myself I couldn’t have that because I was on a diet.” 

Carly explains that she didn’t want to be self-conscious of how she looked anymore, and she wanted to be consistent with her eating plan. She didn’t want to think of it as a ‘new diet’ anymore, because she wanted healthy eating to be a lifestyle change. 

Since starting her BBG journey, Carly has taken on a new mindset. She loves how she feels when she is completing the guide. “I have felt more awake and energised, even though I am working out everyday and haven’t missed one day of the program.” 

Carly has taken on the lifestyle changes of BBG and feels more confident in herself. She knows that she is giving her body the nutrients it needs, and feels better for it. After completing the first 12 weeks of the guide, Carly started over again. 

“I love how it is a 30-minute workout but still never fails to make me exhausted after every one.” Not only is Carly smashing through the workouts, but she has also adopted a healthy mindset. She knows that if she eats poorly after a bad day, she can simply get back on track the next day. 

This is the kind of shift in mindset that has helped Carly make the lifestyle changes stick: “What I have learned and seen from other BBG women is the intelligence of balance and not hating yourself after a cheat meal, but letting it be okay to treat yourself once and awhile.” That’s right ladies! Just as Carly has explained, you shouldn’t punish yourself, it’s all about balance. A consistent approach may not happen overnight, but you’ll get there eventually if you keep trying. 

Congratulations Carly, you’ve done an amazing job!

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bbg transformation

Elisa — @elisacruzs

Elisa is a nutriologist (also known as a nutritionist) and runs her own nutrition centre in Monterrey, Mexico. As she explains, a healthy lifestyle is a must for her — she creates nutrition and exercise plans for people, including a number of pregnant women. 

While Elisa always cared for her health, she admits she wasn’t fully committed to any style of exercise, or any group fitness class that she signed up for. She would get bored and look for any excuse to skip the gym or whatever fitness program she was using. 

Elisa enjoyed running and even did marathons, but a knee injury forced her to stop for a while. “I didn’t know what other exercise I could do because I’m more into an outdoor kind of exercise rather than staying in a gym. I couldn’t seem to find any exercise that suited me.”

When she found my BBG guides, Elisa decided to give them a try. She wanted to really see changes in her body, but also to find a program that she could stick to without getting bored. And it has worked so well for her! “Kayla’s guides have been the only exercise that does not bore me and because I see a lot of changes in my body, I am very consistent with the program. It is very rare that I skip any resistance training session. This has made me a more consistent person not just in exercise, but in my entire life.”

It’s not just Elisa noticing the changes either. Lots of her friends starting asking about her exercise routine because she looked fit, healthy and happy! “The first thing I started noticing was that my waist measurements started going down. Now all of my clothes look much better on me and I went from being a size 26 in jeans to a size 24.” 

Elisa has created a routine for herself and she’s sticking to it. She loves feeling full of energy, even after finishing one of the workouts! “I love the feeling of looking good and having the body I always wanted to have, but most importantly being healthy and understanding that the basic thing for being happy is feeling good with you first.” That’s exactly right Elisa! Being happy with how you feel is SO important. 

Elisa has created space in her nutrition clinic to do her BBG workout and now her friends have started to join her! Together they have formed their own group and are motivating each other. 

I’m so happy to read all of this! Elisa not only changed her lifestyle, but motivated her friends to do the same! Awesome work Elisa! Well done on creating a positive workout space where you can cheer each other on xx

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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.