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Consistency Is Key With BBG!

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Consistency Is Key With BBG!

Ladies, I always say how living a healthy lifestyle is a journey. Like any journey, it can have its ups and downs. Sometimes we are totally committed to our BBG workouts, whereas at other times we might lack some motivation to stick to them. It’s all about knowing how to beat the speed humps in your journey and keep going.

This is not something you should beat yourself up about! It can take time and a few attempts to really commit to a healthy change, and that’s okay.

That’s why this time of year is such a great time to start afresh with my BBG program if you feel as though you haven’t been living your healthiest life.

The two BBG transformation stories I want to share with you today are a great example of ladies who decided to start their year the right way — and stuck to their healthy habits. Because of this, their results are incredible!

Keep reading for some serious inspiration!

Kirsten BBG Results

Kirsten’s BBG journey — @kirsten_sweats

Kirsten begins her email by explaining that she found my BBG program when searching for food recipes on Pinterest in 2013. She came across a BBG transformation photo and started reading about other BBG stories on my website.

I seriously think I spent the rest of the day reading all the touching and inspirational stories of women from all over the world whose lives and health had been transformed by following the workouts, recipes, and tips in the BBG and H.E.L.P Guide.”

Kirsten bought both the BBG ebook and H.E.L.P Guide at the time but explains that she didn’t immediately dedicate herself to the program. 

A few years later, in December 2016, Kirsten realised that it was time to make a change after feeling uncomfortable in clothes that used to fit her comfortably. 

It was so frustrating realising that, despite running a few times a week and eating what I thought was decent food, I was getting more and more out of shape. Over the remainder of the holiday break, I brainstormed and began setting some goals and New Year's resolutions.” 

It was then that she once again came across a transformation photo of one of my clients, and decided to commit to my program. Fast forward to now and Kirsten has completed more than five rounds of BBG!

I couldn't be more pleased with the results... I wake up excited every day now knowing I will go to bed feeling stronger and healthier.”

Well done Kirsten! It’s so great to hear that this has become a lifestyle, not just a resolution, for you. Your healthy mindset and the results you are feeling are amazing!

Natalie BBG Results

Natalie’s BBG journey — @nataliealane

Natalie has been active all of her life. However, before beginning my BBG program, she realised that she wasn’t experiencing the results that she was after.

I was starting to plateau. I had done the first BBG program a couple of years back but had never truly committed to the program.

With her wedding date six months away, Natalie began to feel the drive that she had lacked a few years earlier. Then, on Christmas Day in 2017, she decided to fully commit to BBG 1.0.

I wanted to feel strong and confident on my wedding day and I figured now was the time to buckle down and commit to the program!”

Since taking those steps, Natalie explains that she has experienced amazing results, particularly with her energy levels!

The change has been absolutely incredible. Yes, my clothes are a bit looser, and I might finally fit in that pair of jeans I have been holding onto for years but the true change has been in my energy and self-confidence. I feel strong and healthy, with tons of energy!

This is amazing, Natalie! It was really clear from your email that you are embracing the changes and loving the positive mindset that has come with your new lifestyle. 

The biggest change that I have to share is my relationship with the scale. That first photo I was 135 lbs. The first 8 weeks of the program I shed over 7 lbs and I felt so good! Slowly the weight started to creep up again. But my clothes were fitting looser! I have had to learn to let go of my reliance on the scale as an indicator of how I am doing in terms of fitness, health and happiness.

I am so glad that you feel such a positive internal transformation! It goes to show how important consistency and discipline is when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. 

You should be so proud of yourself for making this lifestyle change and sticking to it.

Consistency can get you to your goals

These two inspirational ladies are further proof that when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, shifting your focus can transform your life

While they might have started BBG with short-term resolutions in mind, they ended up loving the journey and changing their lives!

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to transformations@kaylaitsines.com

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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