Developing Healthy Body Relationships With BBG

Developing Healthy Body Relationships With BBG

Developing Healthy Body Relationships With BBG

Ladies, I talk about the importance of making BBG a part of your lifestyle a lot. The reason for this is because a healthy lifestyle goes so far beyond weight loss and muscle growth. 

I firmly believe a healthy lifestyle is a key component when it comes to developing a healthy relationship with your body and mind. Learning how strong your body can be and the amazing things it can do will give you a whole new appreciation of yourself.  

The two incredible BBG transformation stories I have to share with you today are amazing examples of this. Make sure you check them out! 


Ashley’s BBG journey — @Squatnow.winelater

Ashley’s journey with BBG started a year after having her daughter. She explains that she was struggling with body confidence post-pregnancy. 

I tried to accept that this was the way it was going to be. That, after you have a baby, this is what you looked like. I lay in bed tired and not wanting to get up to spend time with the people who loved me the most. I missed parties, weddings and even casual chances to socialise with friends because I couldn’t stomach the thought of having people see me at that weight.” 

Ashley explains that she was letting the scale define her, only seeing herself as a number instead of a person. 

While Ashley initially wanted to lose weight to improve her confidence, she realised her motivation was much deeper than that. 

I wanted to be the best possible version of myself for my family. For my daughter. I wanted her to be proud of me. I realised I have the ability to shape the way my daughter will see herself and her body for the rest of her life by the way I guide her today. And I want to guide her through a healthy lifestyle of eating healthily, working out and caring for her body.” 

Wanting to give her daughter the best guidance possible, Ashley began researching fitness programs. 

When Ashley found my BBG program online, she was immediately interested. She started following me on social media and the transformation stories made her feel hopeful that she could make positive, lasting changes to her lifestyle. She started doing the workouts and hasn’t looked back. 

After much research it was the best option for me to try out BBG and I’m so happy I did! I’m down three pant sizes and my energy and self-confidence is INSANELY good! I’m able to run around with my daughter and keep up! I have soooo much energy, which you need with a three-year-old!” 

Not only is Ashley feeling more confident than ever, she has stopped paying attention to the scale altogether. 

I was 180 pounds when I went into labour. I was 150 pounds when I came home from the hospital and 145 pounds when I started BBG (a year after giving birth). I’m currently 129 pounds — previously I was actually 10 pounds lighter than I am now on my wedding day but I was a size bigger in clothes. Just goes to show, the scale is just a number!
Thanks to BBG, Ashley says she has been found strength, confidence and a whole new appreciation of herself. 

The confidence Ashley has gained from her new lifestyle has made huge changes for her personally. 

I used to walk with my head down, not wanting anyone to notice me. Now, I walk proudly with my head held high and I approach everyone with such confidence!

Wow, Ashley! I am so proud! You did your research and found something that was going to work for you and you’re working hard to show your daughter healthy habits that can serve her for LIFE. Amazing!

free trial - bbg stronger 2.0free trial - bbg stronger 2.0free trial - bbg stronger 2.0

Chloe's BBG Results

Chloe’s BBG journey — @chloeemariee

In her email, Chloe explains that the lifestyle she adopted after graduating somehow just stuck. After finishing college, she found that she was regularly eating poorly and barely working out, habits that became harder to shake. 

Somehow the post-grad celebratory lifestyle came a lot easier than it left. I was starting to see it physically and feel it emotionally.

Once Chloe made the decision to change her lifestyle, she was ready. She had tried BBG a year prior and was keen to give it another go, only this time Chloe was going to commit to the lifestyle. She was determined to not only get back into shape but also to become stronger than before. 

Since getting into a routine with her BBG workouts, Chloe has noticed so many positive changes. 

I feel so much healthier, happier and STRONGER than ever before! I completed the push-up challenge a couple of days ago and I couldn’t believe how naturally it came and how fun it was!” 

One of the best things about Chloe’s BBG journey is the improvement in her self-confidence. 

I never in a million years thought I’d be posting progress photos but I have gained so much more self-confidence and I am proud to show how far I’ve come!” 

I’m so happy for you, Chloe! I love hearing from BBG girls who felt their confidence increase since they began. Keep it up, I know you’re going to continue achieving your goals! 

Make sure you check out more of my transformation blogs for some serious inspiration!

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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