Get Your BBG Motivation Boost! #TransformationStories

Get Your BBG Motivation Boost! #TransformationStories

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Start the BBG and boost your energy, just like these two amazing women who share their stories below! Have a read for motivation to get you started! 

This is the lovely Anavictoria who sent me this email: 

"Hi Kayla, 

Have you ever felt like your body was a prison? I felt like that since I was 15.. always complaining about my body and keeping my bad habits about food. I was so lazy.

At 21 years old I decided to start the BBG and I've never been so happy like now. Kayla you're my hero cause now I'm the hero of myself.

From a XXL size now I can wear a M :) I like my body, it's toned and feeling so full of energy! No diets only healthy food! And guess what? I'm not afraid anymore to go to the beach!! Finally I feel comfortable in my own body! 

Thank you!

Anavictoria- @melonpan_vi" 

Hello Anavictoria! Your transformation is amazing, it's so great to hear you're full of energy now! SO proud xx 

Sweat With Kayla

This is the lovely Courtney who sent me this email: 

"Hi Kayla!

My entire life I had been active with sports, but after high school I didn't have anything motivating me, or keeping me active. That was until I went through a break up that crushed all my confidence.

That moment I started hitting the pavement, the cardio cleared my head and I thinned down a lot, but it wasn't until I found your BBG program that I started toning up.

I started BBG in February of 2015 and fell in love! I have completed roughly 60 weeks of your program and have never felt more confident and humbled by each workout. They never get any easier, but I get stronger with each and every one.

Thank you for your wisdom, your motivation and your inspiration.

BBG lover,

Courtney- @bbgpnw" 

Wow Courtney almost two years of BBG loving! SO proud of your results, don't stop! xx

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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