Habit + Hard Work = Incredible BBG Results!

Habit + Hard Work = Incredible BBG Results!

Habit + Hard Work = Incredible BBG Results!

I’m about to share two inspiring stories with you ladies! These two women used my BBG program to change their lives for the better, and their hard work has definitely paid off. 


Caroline’s journey begins in August 2015, when she was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Receiving such a life-changing diagnosis was tough, and Caroline admits she found it hard to deal with thought of struggling through a lifetime of pain. She also worried about the effects the condition would have on her body. 

As the months went by, Caroline looked for ways to reduce the impact her diagnosis had on her. She wanted to be as healthy as possible. 

In December 2015, she started at a new gym and began a program that focused on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions. While she enjoyed the intensity of the workouts and the sweating, Caroline didn’t notice any changes in her body shape. 

Seeing photos of herself in the summer helped Caroline to decide she needed to overhaul her lifestyle. With her 30th birthday coming up, Caroline was ready and made it her goal to be ‘fit before 30’!

In March of 2016, Caroline began the 5:2 approach, also known as intermittent fasting. At first, she lost weight really quickly and was happy with the results. But she soon became bored of the workouts, found her body didn’t feel toned and the weight loss had slowed down. She started searching for ideas online, concerned that she’d lose motivation altogether. 
That’s when Caroline found my social media pages and some of the amazing stories from the BBG Community. 

This was the push she needed. Caroline purchased the BBG and HELP guides and got started. While she needed to make some modifications to the exercises due to her arthritis, as Caroline says, “I found my groove and now will never look back.”

Not only did Caroline lose weight, but she felt stronger and more confident in herself than ever. She even says the effects of her arthritis have been reduced. 

Caroline reached her 30th birthday having gone from 87.3kg to 70.8kg. I loved reading her words, “I am so ridiculously proud of myself, the fact that I’ve made it into my 30s fitter than I was when I went in my 20s.” 

I’m so proud of you too Caroline! While you had some challenges, it’s fantastic to hear that modifying the workouts in the BBG guide worked for you, and that you were able to achieve your goals. I hope you have the next goal in focus, there is no stopping you now!

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Meagan — @meagdavis11

Meagan choose to share her story with the BBG Community because she is so excited to have found a workout program that she loves!

Two years ago, Meagan was working as a waitress in a busy restaurant. This meant she was working split shifts six days a week, so she was constantly on her feet and moving around. 

A career change one and a half years ago saw Meagan sitting at a receptionist desk for 8.5 hours. Now spending the majority of her day sitting, Meagan felt as though her usual workout routine, which included running and pilates, wasn’t working for her anymore. 

Meagan’s weight began to increase and she felt frustrated. Even though she was doing pilates and running all the time, as well as counting calories, she wasn’t seeing results. When her friend recommended the BBG, Meagan hesitated, but decided to give it a go. 

While she found it hard, Meagan stuck to it! Now 15 weeks into the program, she is feeling so much healthier and happier. The guides push her to keep trying harder, as well as challenging her each week. As Meagan puts it, “I am beginning to love my body and all it is capable of.” 

Amazing work Meagan, I’m so happy you decided to take that first step and give the BBG a go! 

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Love, Kayla xx


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.