How BBG Helped These Women Find Themselves Again

How BBG Helped These Women Find Themselves Again

How BBG Helped These Women Find Themselves Again

The two BBG transformations that I want to share with you today are proof that you can change your life for the better if you just take that first step.

These two inspirational ladies both went through experiences where they felt like they had sort of lost their way a little bit. Through my BBG program, they were able to find inner strength and confidence in themselves once more.

Read on to be motivated to take your own steps forward toward positive change!

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Callie’s BBG journey

Callie is one of our BBG mums. She explains that before she became a mum, she used to be very active. 

I loved working out and used to be very active pre-pregnancy, I would run half-marathons and loved fitness classes.

After becoming a mum, Callie stopped working out, as she focused on her young family. 

I hadn’t exercised other than a few random runs in three years. I didn’t exercise other than walking during my two pregnancies and didn’t workout after having my babies.” 

Callie was almost one year postpartum with her second baby when she first heard about my BBG program. She explains how she felt she had lost herself a little after becoming a mum and how she saw BBG as a great opportunity to change that. 

I needed to do something for me and working out had always motivated me to make positive changes in all aspects of my life.” 

After realising that you can do my BBG program from home, she decided to start taking 30 minutes a day for herself.

After 14 weeks of BBG, Callie noticed huge changes in every aspect of her life. 

I need new clothes now! Even my pre-baby clothes are too big and those were when I was at my smallest size. I’ve noticed I’m less bloated since my core is stronger and seems to hold me in. I feel energy all day whereas before I would be exhausted after lunch.” 

This is so great to hear, Callie! 

Most impressive of all is the mindset shift that Callie has felt in herself. 

My self-confidence is the greatest gift, thanks to Kayla’s messages on Instagram. I used to feel defeated when I worked out that I wasn’t smaller, I always wanted to look super small if I spent so much time working out. But now that I’m stronger and I can see muscle definition, I know that I am in the best shape I have ever been and I know that being smaller doesn’t matter. I feel so confident in my skin and know that this is my body and it looks amazing as it is.”

It makes me so happy to hear that my BBG program has helped you to feel love for yourself again, Callie!

Asphaire's BBG journey

Asphaire’s BBG journey — @asphaire.a

Asphaire explains that she used to put her work first and her health second. 

I was one of those women who pursued a career at full throttle. After a decade of working so much to the point of ignoring my health, I had a big wake up call. My health deteriorated and I was mentally and emotionally exhausted.” 

It was during this time that she came across my BBG program and decided to give it a try.

After beginning BBG, Asphaire quickly gained a sense of control over her health and learned about the importance of balancing both work and personal life. As a result, she started to feel huge positive changes. 

The change in my overall happiness and wellbeing can’t be stated enough. A healthy and strong body inevitably translates to a healthy and strong mind and spirit.”

Asphaire explains that the BBG Community played a big role in her commitment to the program and keeping herself accountable. 

I can’t stress enough how fellow BBG girls pushed me out of bed when I didn’t want to work out in the morning; how their stories made me feel motivated and less alone on this fitness journey.”

This is exactly why I am so proud of you ladies and the BBG Community that you have created to support one another! 

Asphaire knows that this is a lifelong change. 

You don’t do 12 weeks and go back to old ways...Sometimes, you go off track. But that’s the beauty of having a structured 12-week programme or a weekly guide where you can identify your start and end point, and measure your progress... You just have to trust the process and take it one workout at a time.”

These are such wise words, Asphaire! I’m sure that so many other women out there can agree with you.

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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