LIFE Changing Transformations!

LIFE Changing Transformations!

LIFE Changing Transformations!

This week I want to share some amazing transformations with you girls. Not just because these ladies look incredible, but because they FEEL incredible! Just wait until you read their stories!

BBG transformation

This is the lovely Meagan @fitty_smitty who sent me this email:

“Hello Kayla's Team,

My name is Maegan aka @fitty_smitty! First things first, I want to say thank you for completely transforming not only my body, but my mind and the way I live my life! I have struggled with body image ever since middle school. Because it was my biggest insecurity, I used humor to make myself feel better. So I always consider myself the “funny friend”, who people can make fun of in a laughing manor. My dad passed away at age 16 from a heart attack and high blood pressure issues. In November 2013, I went to the doctor just for a check up and I weighed 185 pounds (the highest I've ever have) and my blood pressure was more the concern. It was 150/100, which as you know is incredibly high. I knew I needed to change my life but I had no idea how. So naturally I stopped eating as much and working out a ton, but by working out I mean doing cardio. I lost 25 pounds, but then of course gained it back.

In December 2014, I found your BBG guides and your Instagram. So in February 2015, I was like “if all these girls can do it, I can do it”, so I did! Here I am in April 2016, in week three of my fourth round of BBG 1.0 and I've done a round of BBG 2.0. I have found new interests/passions in life, which includes health and fitness and have neglected my party girl ways of getting blackout drunk every weekend! I have incorporated some lifting as well, however BBG is still a continued weekly exercise that I find fun and reminds me how far I've come! I know this is incredibly long, but all in all I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you Kayla and Tobi for creating an awesome guide that helped to transform my body and kick my ass! Thank you to Kayla's team of rock stars for creating a supportive, motivating, unique community who helps me every day! So thankful!


Maegan @fitty_smitty”

Wow! You look incredible, Maegan! And more importantly, it makes me SO proud to hear that you have changed your lifestyle for the better and are LOVING it! Xx

Sweat With Kayla bbg results

This is the lovely Amy @burpees_and_braids who sent me this lovely email:

“I can't believe it, but 44 weeks into BBG and the results just keep coming. I started wanting to get back to my pre-baby body, but this guide has made me so much stronger than before! I am currently on week 32 of BBG 3.0 and am obsessed with the Sweat With Kayla app! I didn't think I would like it, but boy was I wrong! It's so engaging and everything I need is right at my fingertips! Love it and I tell everyone I know how great it is!

Thank you Kayla for all you do for us women! We are so lucky to have you cheering us on!


Amy, you look amazing! Check out those abs! And I have so much respect for you doing the workouts as a BBG Mum, so inspiring! Xx

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please send it to

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.