Making Health A Priority!

Making Health A Priority!

Making Health A Priority!

When Tobi and I created BBG, we didn’t want to just create a workout program, but so much more as well. I’ve always been passionate about helping women to be the best they can be!

These transformation stories are great reminders that we all need to take care of ourselves. Your health is so valuable ladies — and I’m so proud that Danielle and Kate are taking care of theirs!

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Danielle — @drmiller

Danielle was exercising regularly before starting BBG. She did cardio workouts 4-5 times a week, but she was starting to feel bored. She also felt like her routine was no longer effective and didn’t see the results she was working towards. 

Since starting BBG, Danielle has learnt strength training and how to target her whole body with these workouts. BBG has also helped her to find a whole new level of energy that she has never had! 

Danielle explains that her results haven’t all been physical, and she is more than okay with that! “I was always smallish, so I have only dropped about one size, however my energy levels are higher, as well as my overall happiness.” 

Learning about different exercise routines has helped Danielle to reach her fitness goals, and I’m sure she is ready to smash her new goals. Amazing work Danielle xx

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bbg transformation

Kate — @body_beautiful_the_journey

Kate says she was in a spiral of bad food choices and binge eating in secret before she found BBG. While she knew what good food was and took the time to make it for her husband and two sons, Kate neglected herself. 

“I was busy doing what most moms do — working and looking after the kids and the house. I neglected myself and ate rubbish food on-the-go, and lots of it. Also, exercise never happened. I was always ‘too busy’.”

Kate got sick of feeling unhappy in her own skin and avoiding events with her husband or friends because she didn’t want to wear something she felt uncomfortable in. She decided it was time to change her lifestyle. 

Since starting BBG, Kate says she has learned so much about fitness and nutrition, as well as what her mind and body are capable of! Her confidence has grown and she’s feeling better than ever. “I’ve dropped two clothes sizes and I’m no longer struggling to wake up, or waking up exhausted.”

I know Kate is not the only mum to put her family before herself. But her story also shows that her family benefit from having a healthier, happier mum! Well done Kate xx

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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.