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New Routines And Positive Mindsets With The Help Of BBG!

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New Routines And Positive Mindsets With The Help Of BBG!

Since I became a qualified personal trainer and began working with women, I’ve heard a lot of the same feedback. Lots of women have mentioned they found it hard to create their own fitness plan. 

Without a plan and a consistent workout routine, you may struggle to get the results you want. Or you might find it hard to begin at all. I love that my BBG programs don’t just guide you through workouts — they educate you as well. 

The transformation stories I’m sharing today are proof that a new routine and a positive mindset can take you a long way in your fitness journey!


Aja’s BBG journey — @joyouslyseekinghealth

In her email, Aja explains that she was trying to follow a healthy lifestyle but felt as though she wasn’t reaching her goals. She ate healthily and ran but she wasn’t training regularly and didn’t have a fitness plan to keep her on track.

I’d run but always be disappointed that I wasn’t strong or very fit looking. I was thin but I didn’t have muscle like I wanted.

Aja decided she needed to change her lifestyle and add some structure to her workouts to get the results she wanted.

Regular exercise is part of a healthy life and I wanted to model a healthy lifestyle for my children and benefit from one for myself. I also had 3 kids in a short amount of time and BBG was my ticket to getting fit and losing weight.” 

With a young family to care for, my BBG program was a great fit for Aja’s busy lifestyle. She began following the workouts and started to notice positive changes soon after starting.

My self-confidence has changed drastically! I enjoy the way I look and I feel so much better. Before the 12-week program, I weighed 176lbs and I now weigh 164.

Aja finished the first 12 weeks of the guide and she’s ready to take on the next 12!

Amazing work, Aja! Having a fitness plan and structure makes it so much easier to reach your goals, I’m so proud of you for working hard. Keep it up!


Margot’s BBG journey — @margothuy

Margot began her email to me by explaining that she had felt very insecure about her weight for a long time before finding BBG.

I gained a lot of weight when I was 16 years old. I felt very insecure, I did a lot of dance at the time and I did not like the image that I saw in the mirror when I was dancing.

These feelings of insecurity around her weight began affecting Margot’s relationship with food and her eating habits.

I tried tons of diets, drinking only juices, soups or low-carb diets. I could eat only an apple during the day and in the evening I would eat enough for 4 people.

When Margot was 18, she spent a gap year in Australia. Once she returned, she decided she wanted to make changes to her lifestyle.

It was the best time of my life so far but I gained weight, even though the Australian lifestyle is mostly healthy. When I came back, I really wanted to lose weight for good.

After seeing lots of amazing BBG transformations on my Instagram, Margot and her sister decided to buy the BBG ebook and to start their BBG journey!

Since starting my BBG program, Margot feels as though she has changed her life.

In a year, I lost over 10 kilos (from 62kg to 52kg). I started Dramatic Art at university and my weight loss changed everything. I always wanted to go on stage, to work, to dance, going out. I used to skip parties when I didn’t know what to wear ‘cause of my weight.

Margot feels that she learned so much from BBG and from the HELP Nutrition Guide.

Even though I didn’t follow it precisely, it also inspired me for a lot of recipes and I discovered peanut butter with celery and this is my best discovery so far! I wanted to thank the BBG guide ‘cause my journey was a blast and I am so happy right now in my life.” 

Wow, Margot! I’m so proud of how much growth and maturity you’ve shown, congratulations. It sounds like you have a much more positive mindset and that you have gained more self-confidence along the way. Incredible!

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to transformations@kaylaitsines.com

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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