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Overcoming Challenges & Gaining Confidence With BBG

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Overcoming Challenges & Gaining Confidence With BBG

The best thing about being a personal trainer is when I hear stories of girls using my BBG program to gain life-changing inner confidence. These two women’s stories show that you can embrace a healthy lifestyle and feel great inside, even when you are facing challenges. 

The two stories I am sharing today are all about overcoming challenges and regaining confidence with the help of BBG.

Melissa’s BBG Story — @melissa.kneale

Melissa’s dedication to putting her health first really inspired me! In her email, Melissa says that she really hopes this story will provide motivation for other women to kickstart their own health journey. 

I am so much stronger and I actually crave working out now.” 

Melissa had always been active through dance, cheerleading and lifting weights in the gym. Then she had a serious health diagnosis that meant she couldn’t work out for three months. Christmas came and she ‘ate her heart out’. 

Without an exercise routine in place, Melissa says, I felt sloppy and self-conscious with my body and wasn’t in a motivated, positive headspace.“ 

Melissa got a copy of Women’s Health for Christmas, and it had one of my interviews in it. 

“I had followed Kayla on Instagram for 3-4 years prior, and also had her ebook ... so I knew who she was and already was a fan of hers.”

After reading the article, she decided it was time to give the BBG program a shot!

Melissa says that both her energy and confidence have sky-rocketed since she started the program. 

I am wearing tighter clothes now, allowing myself to try out new fashion trends, walking around with my head held high and feeling great. My jeans fit perfectly now! I lost 15 inches off of my body overall, and I could just see and feel a difference which was the nicest feeling.”

Most importantly, BBG has helped Melissa create a positive mindset and a healthy relationship with exercise. 

I know now that when I am feeling tired and sluggish, one workout can completely change that and the feeling after is completely motivational for me to actually be productive.”

Great work Melissa! It makes me so happy to hear that you’re taking control of your health and fitness and being rewarded with energy and confidence. 


Rachael’s BBG Story — @rachaelpiercy

Rachael says that although she was active throughout school, she didn’t really find enjoyment in the exercise she did. By the time she started uni, Rachael had fallen into a yo-yo cycle of losing a bit of weight in the gym, only to gain it back through poor food choices. 

Rachael felt that her self-confidence was low and noticed that she kept getting sick. Rachael had seen some #BBGprogress transformations on Instagram and was intrigued by the amazing results other BBG women were getting. She decided there would be no more excuses, she would try my program for herself!

“The short 28-minute workouts meant I could get in a workout on my lunch break and still have time to study after work. I actually look forward to working out now, which is a huge change from what I used to be! The biggest thing for me is that I’ve actually been able to maintain my progress.”

Rachael says that it was tough at first, but she started to see the benefits right away. 

“My fitness has increased so much and I rarely get sick any more. I feel so much more like me and don’t hate what I look like when I see photos other people have taken of me.”

Rachael used both my BBG workout program and nutrition guide in the Sweat app to kick-start her fitness journey. 

The best part is, she now has a lot more energy and feels confident in her body. 

“ I genuinely enjoy the lifestyle and could never see myself going back to how I was before.“

Great work Rachael! I love that you can fit your workout in around your busy schedule and that you are genuinely enjoying working out now! 

A healthy lifestyle can give you energy and confidence!

These two amazing women found a workout style that suited THEM and stuck to it! I hope you found their stories inspiring.

Remember, real fitness is about creating a lifestyle change that sticks so that you can feel confident and energised 100% of the time. 

If you have a transformation that you would like to share with me, please email it to transformation@kaylaitsines.com

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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