Self-love + BBG = Healthy, Strong Bodies!

Self-love + BBG = Healthy, Strong Bodies!

Self-love + BBG = Healthy, Strong Bodies!

Ladies, I want you to read these two transformation stories from some BBG mums. These two ladies wanted to make lifestyle changes for themselves, and for their families. While they had different experiences, both ladies were determined to be the best version of themselves possible. You need to read their stories — they are truly amazing!

Self-love + BBG = Healthy, Strong Bodies!
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Molly has taken quite the journey since starting BBG, particularly when it comes to her mindset, and her story is an amazing reminder that we all have our own journey to take. 

As Molly explains, before starting BBG, she equated being thin with being happy. She tried lots of different methods to achieve this “happiness” that she dreamed of: quick-fixes, yo-yo dieting and training too hard. And she admits it was fueled by negative self-talk and the wrong attitude to health. 

After difficult pregnancies which included more than 20 weeks of bedrest, Molly wanted to be the best version of herself, so she could be the best mother. “I have fought to bring them into this world and fight everyday to love them deeply and help foster their beautiful, endless potential for extraordinary things.” She knew that her relationship with healthy eating and exercise would have future impacts on her kids. To be the best role model for her children, Molly decided to make a change. 

In the weeks following her daughter’s birth, Molly did her research on home workout programs. She was drawn to BBG because of the efficient workouts, the ability to workout anywhere and the many success stories she found online. Molly knew she deserved to break the cycle of self-destruction she was stuck in and was determined to succeed. 

Since starting BBG, Molly has made so much more than a physical change. “My transformation photos clearly show a physical transformation, but they honestly don’t do justice to the changes I have experienced and cultivated in mind, body and spirit throughout my BBG journey.” Stronger than ever, Molly says her goals have changed along the way. While she was initially encouraged by the progress of her weight loss, Molly says that began to change as she neared her goal weight. 

When she noticed negative self-talk starting to creep in again, Molly turned to the BBG Community. She began to open up and connect with other women, allowing herself to be vulnerable. “This is when the magic happened. I chose vulnerability, authenticity and connection. I started to genuinely reveal my unfiltered beautiful chaotic life which is most often characterised by a whole lot of self-doubt, stretch marks, loose skin, screaming children, sleepless nights, mismatched grungy sweats, messy hair, a messy house, no makeup, no ‘pretty’ filters, no photoshop — just me. And the response from women around the world was nothing short of beautiful!”

Molly says that throughout her journey, she completely transformed her relationship with food. Rather than seeing it as an enemy, or as something that needed to be tightly controlled, she now sees it as nourishment. Instead of comparing herself to other women, Molly is trying to encourage women to be authentic and genuine to themselves. “Without the scale dictating my self-worth, I can now confidently say that I believe in the value of my self-worth. I am the strongest, I am the healthiest, and I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.”

Since deciding that giving up on a healthy lifestyle wasn’t an option, Molly has been consistently using BBG since May 2016 and has no plans to stop! Along with her amazing transformation story, I was blown away by the power of these words from Molly: “Many women boast that prior to motherhood, they were in their ‘prime’ like motherhood takes something from you. My story is the exact opposite. I found myself, my self-worth, my inner strength and the best version of myself AFTER I became a mom. Particularly after the birth of my second child, my daughter.” Even though she is often sleep-deprived, Molly does her workouts every morning to help energise herself. She has found BBG such a valuable tool to help her meet the daily demands of motherhood. 

I couldn’t be more proud of the transformation you have made, Molly. Thank you for sharing your story with us and keep being your authentic, inspirational self! 

Self-love + BBG = Healthy, Strong Bodies!

Michele —


Michele begins by explaining she has always been active, running two marathons and even participating in a bodybuilding competition. After having her two children, Michele struggled as she tried to lose the weight she put on during pregnancy. “I had honestly given up the idea that at 45, I could ever be thin again, let alone feel confident in a bikini. I had resigned myself to the lie that putting on weight as we get older is inevitable!”

After hearing about BBG, Michele decided she wanted to give it a try. She printed out the ebook and jumped straight in, doing the workouts in her living room. 

When she saw some of the progress the other BBG mums were making, Michele became even more determined to stick to the guide. “The BBG Community has been the biggest motivating factor in my life — accountability and support are everything.” Michele has worked her way through the guide multiple times and is looking forward to seeing even more results on her one-year BBG anniversary!

“I am so much more confident, energised and feel so strong! I believe the program has helped me get in the BEST shape of my life, even though I had been a fit runner and lifted weights, the exercises like pushups and burpees etc have given me ‘real’ strength!”

Congratulations Michele, I’m so proud of you for diving right in and sticking with BBG! You are a fantastic role model for your children and should be so proud of yourself. 

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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.