So Much BBG Love From Two Incredible Ladies!

So Much BBG Love From Two Incredible Ladies!

So Much BBG Love From Two Incredible Ladies!

Love your body and show it... by working out #BBGStyle! Read these wonderful ladies’ incredibly inspiring stories. 

This is the lovely Amanda who sent me this email: 

“Hi Kayla, 

Before starting the BBG, exercise was something I rarely did! It really did not hold any appeal to me.  

After having my son in August 2011, I had piled on the weight and was feeling miserable and turning to food for comfort, which in turn made me feel worse.  

I then had my daughter in June 2013 and my weight was still a big issue for me.  

I tried every diet going and loads of different exercise DVDs but nothing really grabbed my attention and I didn't stick to them for long.
In December 2015, I discovered you on Instagram and loved the positivity and transformations. They were incredible! 

Loads of mums were doing the exercises too. So I decided enough was enough and that I could do this too! I asked my husband for BBG 1.0 for Christmas and got stuck in.  

I fell in love with the BBG Community!  Everyone is so helpful and motivational and have been instrumental in keeping me going through 3 rounds of the program!

Since starting the BBG, I have lost 1 stone in weight and dropped 2 dress sizes. I have lost inches all over my body, but more importantly, my confidence has soared! 

My emotional eating has pretty much stopped. Don't get me wrong I still have days where I will stuff myself silly, but I don't feel guilty about it anymore!

I have so much more energy, which is pretty important with 2 young kids to run after! So yes, I have lost weight and toned up, but the biggest, most important change for me has been a mental one.  

I don't hate my body anymore, I love it! I love that a can do 15 burpees in a row! I love that I have nearly completed 3 rounds of BBG!  

I love the BBG Community and, of course, I love you for creating workouts that can be done at home and for helping this mum feel body positive again!  

So thank you to you all!  And for anyone contemplating starting - do it — you won't regret it!!

Much love, 

Amanda —- @mrsraff_bbg”

Amanda, what an incredible transformation! I am SO proud of you and all that you have achieved on your journey so far!  Xx  

free trial - bbg stronger 2.0free trial - bbg stronger 2.0free trial - bbg stronger 2.0

This is the lovely Christina who sent me this email: 

“Hi Kayla, 

My life before the BBG guides was slow and generally all together immobile. The only exercise I did, included small things like walks. 2 years ago I began fainting uncontrollably several times a day and it took 1.5 years to get a diagnosis. Wake up, faint. Walk to car, faint. Grocery store, faint. Because I was fainting so often my body was weak, and I often found myself spending 18-20 hours bedridden for fear of blacking out again. 

Due to this illness, I lost all muscle, tone, strength, appetite (though I have always been on the thin side, I was never strong) Generally speaking, it was a horrible lifestyle beyond my control. My body was failing me. Before the disorder, I was still the poster child for "Skinny Fat". I ate poorly, usually dessert for dinner. NO exercise at all. It was no surprise that my body was failing and going into "fight or flight" mode.

I decided to change my lifestyle after I was finally able to find some control over my fainting disorder.

It took 1.5 years but we got there. My doctors helped me deal with the fainting and I was able to start doing things on my own again. It took me months after getting it under control to get the courage to DO physical activity but I knew I had to start giving my body what it needed to be strong so I could stay upright.

When I started seeing the results of the girls using BBG, I started eyeing their accounts and daydreaming I could be in their position. I wanted toned legs that showed I could walk for miles, and strong arms that showed I could push myself up if I needed to.

I wanted my body to be something I could depend on, & not something I felt was always failing me; BBG has given me that.

Plus, I wanted to prove that having an "invisible illness" like SO many other people do, that we could still be strong and powerful and not be seen as someone weak that couldn't do things on their own. 

The progress I have seen with the Sweat with Kayla App is insane to me! I am finally seeing TONE, that beneath all my frail weakness, I had a body with muscles that wanted to be seen. 

A large part of my illness causes extreme fatigue and since starting the Sweat program, my body rarely aches at night anymore and my energy levels have risen tremendously. Especially compared to being bedridden for 18 hours a day. 

I know my confidence has changed because I feel comfortable showing my legs again and I feel confident that my body is something I can depend on for strength and simple things like getting me through the day.

The Sweat with Kayla App literally puts my fitness transformation in my hands, at my fingertips. 

Thank you so much! I am forever indebted to this program. Can’t wait to see what else can be done!

My deepest thanks,

Christina — @christinaamello”

Christina, I’m so happy you shared your story as you are going to inspire so many others with it! Plus, your results are AMAZING xx  

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to

Love, Kayla xx


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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