So Proud of These Amazing Women and Their BBG Results!

So Proud of These Amazing Women and Their BBG Results!

So Proud of These Amazing Women and Their BBG Results!
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I love seeing transformation photos, but reading the powerful stories behind them is even better! The hard work each BBG girl puts into her transformation is amazing!

But I think the biggest change from these two ladies is their mindset! They are both feeling healthier and happier since starting BBG!

Kerry — @kerryannewaller

Kerry decided to make a change to her lifestyle after having her two children. She explains that she didn’t feel as though she toned up between pregnancies and struggled with weight loss. She felt nothing looked good on her, and even hid her figure under ill-fitting clothing. 

Seeing lots of other mums who seemed to be glowing after having their kids, Kerry realised she needed to give up her excuses. “I used to make up excuses that I didn’t have time or childcare to go to the gym.” After finding BBG and the BBG Community on Instagram, Kerry wanted to join and start her own fitness journey. 

Kerry bought herself a kettlebell and some dumbbells and got to work. She set aside time every evening as her ‘me-time’ and starting following the workouts in my BBG program. She revised her diet and focused on healthy food that would help keep her energised. 

“My clothes gradually started to look huge and finally I got to the point where I could treat myself to my pre-pregnancy size jeans again! I eat plenty, but I eat fresh, healthy food. Pizzas are a weekend treat and everything is in moderation.” Not only has Kerry managed to transform her life, but her healthy habits have had a positive impact on her family too. Her children also understand that exercise is an important part of their lives — just as Kerry does!

“I started using BBG only in August 2016, weighing 135 lbs and now I’m at 110 lbs. I have my confidence back and the baggy clothes are all in the charity pile!” Good on you Kerry! 

Kerry’s story is a great reminder that we can take steps any time to improve our lives. By just making some time in the evening for herself, Kerry AND her whole family are healthier and happier! You’re such a great role model for your young children Kerry, well done!

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So Proud of These Amazing Women and Their BBG Results!

Alinda — @thatfitfoodie

Alinda has been a dancer throughout her whole life. She explains that dancing was always her way of working out, so she didn’t really know what to do during each gym visit. Generally she would run on the treadmill and then do a few ab exercises. 

While dancing, Alinda explains that she was sensitive about her body. “I always compared myself to other dancers, but because I was never lean like they were, I had a lot of negative feelings towards my body.” Feeling lost at the gym, along with not feeling confident in herself, Alinda discovered some BBG transformation photos on Instagram. She decided to my guides a try. 

After 12 weeks of BBG, Alinda was feeling more body positive. “I dropped 15 pounds and a pant size after I finished the first 12 weeks. I couldn’t believe my body could change after so many years of thinking I was stuck.” In addition to losing weight, Alinda felt re-energised!

I’m SO happy that Alinda has used BBG to learn more about taking care of herself! Not only is she taking charge at the gym, but she’s feeling confident and starting to love her body again. Keep it up Alinda xx

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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.