Stronger and Healthier! BBG Results

Stronger and Healthier! BBG Results

Stronger and Healthier! BBG Results

Want to feel stronger, happier and more confident? Read these inspirational BBG stories :) 


This is the lovely Michelle who sent me this email:


I love your workouts! Before the BBG workouts I would go to the gym and lift weights and force myself to go on runs (which wouldn’t last longer than a few minutes before I would be out of breath). I have always been active and participated in competitive sports, but once I got to college my activity level decreased significantly.

When I first got to college I had trouble adjusting to the new lifestyle. I was making poor health decisions between eating and drinking too much! After gaining 20lb I realized I needed to change my habits. My friend told me about you, so I decided to check it out. I quickly realized your workouts were exactly what I needed to get the body I desired.

I am thinner than ever, stronger then ever and just overall healthier than ever. I honestly haven’t been happier and more confident than this my entire life!
You are changing so many lives for the better. Keep it up!
Michelle, @michelleroque"

You look incredible, Michelle! Look at those abs!! :) SO proud. Thanks for all your kind words xx

Sweat With Kayla

This is the lovely Hannah who sent me this email:


"Hi Kayla,


Before starting the BBG guides, I partied every weekend, had takeaways to recover and had absolutely no interest in fitness or any idea what I was doing to my body.


One day I simply decided I didn't want to live that life anymore, so I began the BBG guides and have stuck to them ever since. Which I never thought would happen considering I hated any form of exercise!


As soon as I began seeing results, it gave me hope and determination and as I said before, I became happy and confident within myself. So many people thought I wouldn't stick at it - but I did and I love this lifestyle!


I also started eating healthier with the help of the meal plans and my knowledge of nutrition increased drastically - my skin is better, my mood has increased and I no longer feel tired throughout the day!


I'm stronger, I'm leaner and I'm so more confident.


Once again, I really couldn't have done this without you, you team and the amazing BBG community!


Hannah- @hannahandfit"


Amazing results, Hannah! Keep smashing through the workouts! xx


If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to


Love, Kayla xx



* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.