Stronger Than Ever Thanks To The BBG!

Stronger Than Ever Thanks To The BBG!

These amazing women share their very different stories about how they became stronger through doing the BBG program :)

This is the lovely Jocelyn who sent me this email: 

“Hi Kayla, 

Before BBG, I had no idea how to challenge myself physically. I was a dancer in high school for about four years and once I left for college I stopped challenging my body. 

I've always been a "thin" girl, but I wanted strength! My close friend here in Germany started doing it and her results were so obvious that I immediately believed in it! 

Changing my lifestyle was largely due to a rut I was in. My husband was about to deploy, and moving halfway across the world away from friends and family put my emotional and physical health in a bind. I'll admit — getting super hot for my husband's homecoming was also a large motivation.

Progress wise, my entire body has become so toned. My arms are stronger, and even my back has taken on some shape and definition. Self confidence has increased by 100%. Tank tops are my favorite, so I can show off my guns! 

While I've never really cared what the scale said, before starting BBG 1.0 I was a solid 160 lbs. Today, after about half a year, I have only lost about 5 pounds. 

However, I have gained way more muscle. I have never been this fit and strong in my life. 

This program WORKS. I will scream it from the rooftops if I have to get everyone to try it. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this program. 


Jocelyn de Anda — @tansey13”

Incredible results, Jocelyn! I love how much you love the BBG! Keep smashing through it xx 

This is the lovely Hannah who sent me this email:

“Hi Kayla, 

Before I started the BBG guides, I was suffering with really bad depression and anxiety. I was in a toxic relationship, and didn't have the courage to walk away. 

My self esteem was so low I couldn't imagine anyone else ever being interested in me, so I couldn't walk away. I let him hurt me over and over and just couldn't walk away. 

I put on a lot of weight and it was like a vicious cycle. After my graduation in July 2015, I looked at the pictures and cried... I decided something had to change. That's when I found the BBG guides. 

My self confidence has never been this high. Not in a cocky way, I just feel confident in myself and I can honestly say I've never felt like that in my whole life. 

I walked away from the terrible relationship and now I just feel like I'm enjoying being me. 

I love working out, I like finding new challenges, and I'm enjoying being single and not worrying about it. 

Thank you! 

Hannah — @hannahs_fitjourney” 

Hannah, you deserve to feel like you do after doing the BBG everyday! Keep up the positive vibes and never stop challenging yourself! Xx 
If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.