Sweat And Strength! #BBG #WorkHard

Sweat And Strength! #BBG #WorkHard

One thing I love about my BBG program is it really focuses on changes that fit a healthy lifestyle, rather than short-term weight loss results. Meet two ladies who have embraced the new lifestyle and are loving life thanks BBG.  

Sarah — @1.11.16__bbg

Before Sarah began her BBG journey, she struggled to find a routine that worked for her and fit her lifestyle. She switched between being healthy for a few months to falling into unhealthy habits, a pattern she knew was not good. 
Sarah decided it was time to change her lifestyle. She wanted to feel proud of herself and to love herself too. While she had been following the progress of other BBG girls for years, she began her own journey during my 2016 Kayla Movement (#thekaylamovement).
Since starting on the 11th of January, 2016, Sarah is feeling so much happier and more confident in herself. She says her clothes fit much better, but the real bonus is she has started to really love herself — even on bad days. 
I’m so proud of you for sticking to a routine, Sarah. You should be incredibly proud of yourself! You are radiating happiness and confidence in your after photo. 


Madeline —
Before starting my BBG program, Madeline had tried a few other weight loss and fitness programs. As she puts it, her fitness routine had included “All the diets, shakes, quick fixes, mixed with some cardio and squats here and there.” None of them seemed to work for her long term. Madeline saw many amazing transformations on my social media and wanted to have the same success. 
52 weeks of BBG later, Madeline feels like one of these women! When summer came around, that feeling of dread at putting on shorts was soon replaced with some better! “I remember taking a deep breath and stepping into that first pair. When they slipped right on and buttoned WITH room, I felt so empowered!” That became one of Madeline’s proudest moments. 
Feeling amazing in her clothes is just one of the benefits Madeline has discovered through the BBG. She has also learned what to eat to fuel her body, thanks to my Nutrition HELP guide. Madeline loves the convenience of my app. Knowing that she has it with her wherever she goes means there are no excuses for missing a workout. 
I absolutely love this line from Madeline, which really sums up the growth she has been through in this journey; “This is not just a 12-week challenge to me anymore, it’s a lifestyle.”  
Congratulations on all of your hard work, Madeline! I LOVE that you feel empowered through your new lifestyle and that the BBG Community has helped encourage you. Well done! 
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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.