Women Who Are Stronger Than Ever! #BBGResults

Women Who Are Stronger Than Ever! #BBGResults

Something I love about BBG is when women tell me they feel stronger than ever! These two fantastic ladies are proof of that! Read their amazing transformation stories for some inspiration. 


Louise — @mybetter_self”
Louise started her BBG journey because she wanted to prove to herself, and other people, that women can be STRONG! 
During high school, Louise did dancing and gymnastics, which she loved! Unfortunately, it took up a lot of her time and she was forced to stop. As Louise says, “... I felt more and more weak, and I hated this feeling.”
So she set herself the challenge of starting and completing the BBG. It was a decision that has made her happy ever since! Louise gained knowledge of nutrition guidelines and the proper form for each exercise. She committed to the lifestyle 100% and is feeling amazing, even saying “It was a game changer and I tell everyone I know; knowledge is power.”
As Louise explains, she has never been overweight, and she didn’t do the BBG to lose weight. For her, it was about challenging herself. Louise is a big believer that having a thinner frame doesn’t mean it is easier to change your diet, or that you have more motivation. The lifestyle changes are still a challenge. 
Even though she’s in college, working all week and has a busy lifestyle, excuses don’t get in Louise’s way. She has found a passion in her new lifestyle; “This is more than achieving a beach body — it is about excelling yourself and learning to love it. If you want it, then you’ll make it work.”
Louise, you’ve done an amazing job! I’m so happy to hear that you have taken the knowledge from my guides onboard and that you embrace the challenges! You are an inspiration! xx


Jacinta — @jacintalil
Jacinta always led an active life. She loved being active and played a number of different sports. 
Two years ago, she developed a serious rib condition which would change her lifestyle. For a year and a half, Jacinta’s condition prevented her from playing sports. 
Sidelined with injury, Jacinta admits she ate all the wrong things, which caused weight gain. She became the heaviest she had ever been and was uncomfortable with the extra weight. 
Jacinta found my guides around this time and set herself a goal: to become healthy enough to take on the BBG. She started making better decisions about the food she ate, and in 3 months, she had lost 10kgs. 
After losing this weight, Jacinta got clearance from her doctor and started following the workouts in my BBG. While she struggled with her fitness and completing the exercises, Jacinta was determined not to give up, “...even though this was one of the hardest things I had ever undertake in my life.”
Jacinta stuck to the guide and has now finished the first 12 weeks and is ready to start BBG 2.0. She is excited by the idea of challenging herself further!
Referring to her progress photos, Jacinta explains “The photo on the left was me during the time of my rib condition when I was making bad decisions with food and life in general. The middle photo is after I had lost 10kg from making the right decisions with food and just before I started BBG and the last photo is me on week 12 of these amazing guides, down another 5kg.”
Jacinta has not just lost weight, but also changed her outlook on life. She has a more positive mindset, loves working out, eats healthy and looks on the bright side. 
You should be so proud of yourself, Jacinta! A rib condition hasn’t stopped you from working towards your goals safely, and I can’t wait to hear how you found BBG 2.0. 
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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.