Women Who SWEAT! #BBGResults

Women Who SWEAT! #BBGResults

Women Who SWEAT! #BBGResults

I am so impressed by these incredible women! They have put in the SWEAT to achieve these incredible BBG results, and I just had to share them with you! Read their amazing stories: 

bbg transformation Caprice — @caprice_e

Ladies, I want you to meet Caprice! She introduced herself to me by saying she is a 36-year-old mum of four kids, aged between 2 and 9 years of age. Caprice said she was always okay with her body after having kids, but after her friend showed her some BBG transformations, Caprice was interested. She wanted to see if she could push herself and see the same level of results. 

Caprice says “I’ve always been a fairly active person, never had a weight issue. But for me, wondering if I would ever see my abs again was still a huge question in my mind.” Caprice started her BBG journey, telling herself she would keep going if she saw a difference. 

After 6 months, and feeling happy with the progress she was making, Caprice started making changes to her diet. She started following some of the guidelines in the SWEAT app’s meal plan and began to make healthier family meals. One year on, Caprice feels like she is on top of her diet and making more progress than ever!

Caprice says she loves the structure that BBG and the SWEAT app provide. She doesn’t have to spend ages trying to figure out the workouts. Each week continues to challenge her, and as Caprice explains “I haven’t missed a week yet and am hooked! I even took my BBG workouts on a 7-day cruise with me and didn’t miss a day!” She says she’s happier than ever to stay on top of the workouts. 

Reading Caprice’s story, I saw how much of a transformation she has had, not just physically but mentally. Wanting to be healthier for her family may have been the initial motivation, but as Caprice says, “It’s made me love my body again and I am a better person because of it and am so much more confident in my body than i ever even thought possible after having 4 children!!”. 

It’s amazing to hear that Caprice has really taken charge of her lifestyle and her whole family are reaping the benefits! Fantastic work Caprice xx

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bbg transformation

Kirst — @kirst_finds_active 

Kirst began her BBG transformation story by explaining that she didn’t have a fantastic relationship with gyms. “Before I found BBG I had spent a total of about 3 months holding down a gym membership over the last 20 years, the reason being they give me massive anxiety.” 

After moving to a new town, Kirst decided that she would get involved with the local hockey club. She joined with her son as a way to meet new people and become part of the community. 

When Kirst began playing hockey was the moment she realised that she wasn’t as fit as she wanted to be. “I was overweight, unfit, unhappy, unhealthy and had a terrible relationship with alcohol and junk food.” 

Kirst explains that she had been following the progress of other BBG ladies on social media and was impressed with their results. In June 2016, Kirst created her Instagram account and took the plunge. That day, she did her first BBG workout from the comfort of her lounge room, where there was no pressure and no one to watch her. 

“I was instantly hooked — within 28 minutes I felt like my muscles were dying, I was a sweaty mess and I was shocked by how weak I actually was.” Having followed the program and kept up with her workouts, Kirst is feeling better than ever. She says she now has muscles she didn’t even know existed!

This is such an amazing transformation. Kirst explains that she is 41, a working mum who does her workouts in her garage with Kmart weights. And the transformation she has made is so much more than physical: “13kg lighter, anxiety is at an all-time low, as is my depression. I am finally confident in my skin, I am happier, healthier and the fittest I have ever been and I feel free.”

I am SO happy that BBG has had such an incredible impact on Kirst’s life. She is smashing it and I couldn’t be more proud! 

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Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.