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Ever wondered how hard you work during my workouts?

This is one of the best 'easy to use' heart rate monitors on the market, and it will show you exactly how much I make your heart race!

The Polar FT4 has a user friendly 5 button navigation system, making it easy to scroll through menus during your BBG session. This popular heart rate monitor allows you to set in all of your personal user settings to keep track of how fast my workouts make your heart beat!

The FT4 also comes with the H1 Heart Rate Sensor, which can be worn around the body for ultimate comfort. I recommend replacing the batteries every 6-12 months for both the watch and heart rate sensor. 

The FT4 allows you to manually set a Target Heart Rate Zone, and has visual and audible alarms which indicate when you are outside of this zone. Zones can be set as BPM or as a % of your maximum heart rate.

I strongly recommend the FT4 as your first heart rate monitor, particularly if you are after one that is easy to use, comfortable to wear and provides heart rate data and calorie expenditure. Some other key features of the Polar FT4 Female Pink are:

- Exercise summary shows duration of workout, maximum and average heart rate for the session, time spent in heart rate zone and calories burned.

- Basic watch functions which includes time of day and date, alarm, lockable buttons and ability to set a second time zone.

- Water resistant, up to 30m

What’s in the box:

- Polar FT4 Female Pink Watch

- Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor

- Getting Started Guide

Ships to AU, US, UK, CA, DE, IT, ES, NO, IE, CH, NL, NZ, SE, FR

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Polar FT4
Polar FT4