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H.E.L.P Guide

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As some of you may have experienced, no matter how hard you train, you just cannot seem to get the results you want. If your diet is poor, you will find that you acquire little or no results, even if you exercise every day. 

A common misconception is that 'clean eating' will bring you an amazing body. I want to help people understand that clean eating and 'clean eating plans' are just healthy eating. Eating healthy foods is not necessarily going to make you lose fat. Weight loss nutrition is a very different concept, it is a science. The results you will achieve are heavily impacted by what good foods you eat, when you eat them and how they are combined with other foods in certain amounts.

To help people understand this, I have written a book called H.E.L.P ( Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan). This online publication has been endorsed by an Australian University as well as a renowned nutrition and dietetics firm (Nutrition Professionals Australia- APD's).

This book is a list of nutritional guidelines suitable for women, and provides a basic understanding of what nutrients are. It separates the three main and important macronutrient groups and explains their value in day-to-day eating. 

The book provides not only information about what to eat, but when to eat them, and various options for each meal during the day. These nutritional guidelines do not calorie count and provide no specific reference to the amount of nutrients eaten per meal. Instead, you will find a measured amount of food suitable for women wanting to lose weight and or remain healthy, while on their mission to achieve a bikini body. While I specialise in helping girls aged 16-25, the information provided within this book can also be used by women outside of this age group. 

H.E.L.P Guide