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The Bikini Body Recipe Guide

over 35 amazing recipes to nourish your dream body!

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BBTG Recipe Guide Cover
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14 days of healthy, tasty meals!

Sometimes the only thing harder than the workouts, is eating healthy and fighting those junk food cravings. I wanted to create the most amazing, drool worthy recipes using my HELP guide! With the beautiful Nicole Maree we’ve created healthy meals you’ll love each and every time!

Nutrition is key!

Your body is an amazing machine! Healthy eating isn't just an important part of weightloss, it is THE most important part.

Healthy can be tasty!

Why should you suffer with tasteless food? My recipe guide is overflowing with amazing dishes, that are all super healthy and taste amazing!


If you follow Nicole, you'll know her gift to transform naughty meals into mouthwatering perfection! Trust me, you'll love what's inside!

Eat healthy, tasty meals!

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