Weeks 13-24

Are you ready for The Next Challenge?

What's Inside

So you finished my 12 week guide! Give yourself a massive congratulations and pat on the back. It’s a huge accomplishment, and no doubt you are feeling a big change in your overall health, mindset, and confidence. As you know by now, my program is not a “diet”, but a lifestyle. With my 2.0 guide, I’ve created another 12 weeks to help you continue your healthy lifestyle. Inside you will find 12 weeks of higher challenge workouts, a full glossary section detailing new exercises, as well as a guide to foam rolling, and new resistance exercises. The 2.0 guide helps you take your healthy lifestyle to the next level, and is the best way to continue reaching your fitness goals!

BBTG2.0 Overview

weeks 13-24

Over the next 12 weeks you will be challenged in a whole new way. Prepare for some serious sweating with these exercises, that seriously ramp up your fitness level. Learn the keys to maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

workout challenges

Now that you have elevated your fitness level, get ready for some new challenges! I’ve included all of my favorite exercises, and added some new ones, aimed at pushing you even further. These workouts are perfect for staying on track and continuing to see results

progress checking

As you learned during weeks 0-12, monitoring progress through photos and measurements is key to motivation, and seeing your results. Weeks 13-24 are just as important, as you refine the foundation you have already created. See results you didn’t know were possible!


Much like muscle rehabilitation, posture can be overlooked, impacting your training, overall appearance, and even lead to injuries. In weeks 13-24 I outline how to correct poor posture, and which exercises are more likely to facilitate it.


One of the most important and overlooked aspects of training and getting results is muscle rehabilitation. In weeks 13-24 you will get my comprehensive guide for the best stretching routines, highlighting foam rolling and its importance in muscle recovery.

exercise glossary

Technique is crucial during the next part of your journey, and can be the hardest part of your workout. I have added 102 pages outlining the exact steps to perfect your technique, including cues and pointers to avoid injury.


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.