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Exercise During Your Period: The Facts

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Exercise During Your Period: The Facts
Exercise During Period

As a women’s only trainer, one question I get asked a LOT is whether you can exercise during your period.

I love that women feel like this is something they can ask questions about and discuss openly. 

Talking about the menstrual cycle and things like menstrual cramps is really important as it’s an everyday reality for women. While menstruation has been a taboo topic in the past, I believe it's important to be educated about what to do when you have your period — so you can make informed decisions about your health and fitness based on the best available information.

Find out:

Should I exercise during my period?

The first thing to understand about periods is that every woman has a different experience. It might even be different from month-to-month.

You CAN exercise if you feel up to it. If your symptoms are minimal, you may feel like training as normal, and there’s no reason to stop training if that’s the case. 

If you have really heavy periods, menstrual cramps or feel bloated, exercise may be uncomfortable or unrealistic for a few days. 

The decision is going to come down to how YOU feel when you have your period. 

However, if you are experiencing really severe pain during your periods, you shouldn't just dismiss it as your “time of the month”. 

If you’ve been following me on social media you might know I suffer from endometriosis — a condition where tissue similar to the lining of your uterus is found on other organs — so there have been times when I've felt unwell or experienced pain for a few days while on my period. I have been unable to exercise during those times, and I’ve actually had two surgeries to help manage the condition and my symptoms.

I’ve shared my ongoing experience of endometriosis to help remove the social stigma and increase awareness — you don’t just need to put up with pain, and you definitely shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to train if you feel unwell during your period. Check in with your doctor, family or friends if something doesn’t feel right, remember no one knows your body better than you do.

Should I modify workouts during my period?

If you feel up to exercising during your period, it’s possible that you might feel like you’re not training at full capacity. 

That’s completely normal! 

Hormonal changes during menstruation could be one reason you might not feel at your best. Some women may also experience lower blood pressure when training. 

The best way to tackle this is to lower the intensity of your training. Try using lighter weights or reducing your perceived exertion for each exercise. 

Of course, if you start to feel really fatigued, you should stop your workout and return to exercise when you feel stronger.

Exercises To Do On Your Period

Some exercises you can try during your period

There are ways you can stay active if you don’t want to do a high-intensity workout.

You could try doing a Low Impact with Kayla workout, which are all low-intensity, or one of the recovery sessions available in the Sweat app. 

It might also be a good day to do a LISS workout (low-intensity steady state) rather than resistance training. 

If I don’t feel like training when I have my period, I’ll often find other ways to be productive — I’ll clean my sneakers, cook or wash my workout gear. I might also use the time to take a rest day.

Benefits of exercise during your period

For some women, exercise during periods may help to alleviate mild cramping, as their endorphins — which are a natural painkiller — get a boost from working out. 

But the best way to decide if you should exercise during your period is by listening to your body

If you decide not to work out during your period, there are still things you can do to improve your periods. 

Your diet may also help to improve your symptoms. Some of the best foods to eat during your period include: spinach, broccoli, salmon, dark chocolate, wholegrains, bananas and eggs. 

Exercise during the rest of your menstrual cycle — the days you DON’T have your period — may actually help to reduce symptoms associated with your period. 

This is because exercise may boost your sense of wellbeing and help reduce hormonal fluctuations when your period arrives.

Find out what works for you and your period

Looking after your menstrual health isn’t just about your period. There are lots of things you can do for your health throughout your whole cycle, including exercise and making sure you’re getting enough iron in your diet.

However, don’t feel pressured to exercise or get upset if you have to rest when you have your period — it’s totally normal! 

It’s all about paying attention to how you feel, and making sure you’re doing what is right for YOU! 

* Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. Sweat assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article.

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