Wondering What To Do On Your Rest Days?

Wondering What To Do On Your Rest Days?
What To Do On Your Rest Days

Have you ever felt sore after a workout and needed a rest day?

Your body needs time to rest between workouts to repair and recover — those of you following my BBG workouts would know that I do three resistance workouts each week, with rest or LISS (low-intensity steady-state cardio) on other days! 

How to make the most of rest days

I’ve seen many women in the BBG Community worried that they’ll lose their progress when they take a rest day. 

This simply isn’t the case! You actually NEED your rest days as part of your training program in order to MAKE progress

To help you to use your rest days effectively, here are my tips for recovering from training!

Rest Days

Take at least one rest day a week

A rest day doesn’t mean lying on the couch watching Netflix (although that does have its place!). A rest day means you don’t do a workout, including LISS. 

Your rest day is when you don’t do any scheduled workouts. 

Lots of BBG women ask me if they can do yoga on their rest days. You absolutely can! Yoga can help to relax both your body and your mind, and that’s what rest days are for. 

Ideally, you should have one FULL rest day each week. Use the day to focus on yourself and spend time with family and friends. Lots of the BBG women make Sunday their rest day, but you can move it around to suit you. 

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Do an active recovery session

Taking a gentle walk or swim can help with recovery and reduce muscle cramping

Gentle recovery allows time for your muscles to adapt to the work you’ve done and get stronger. Making time to recover can help you to stick to your workout program. 

Recovery Workout

Foam rolling and stretching

I make time for stretching every day, including on my rest days!

For those women following my BBG programs, you’ll find that there are foam rolling and stretching sessions that you can complete. You can choose a full-body session or target an area of your body that feels sore. 

Stretching also helps you to stay flexible, and may also improve your workouts.

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Eat to recover

What you eat on rest days is just as important as the food you choose on the days you are training. Proper nutrition with plenty of protein and carbohydrate gives your body the building blocks it needs to recover fully. 

You could use your rest day for meal prep so that you have food ready for the rest of the week. Having healthy lunches you can take when you’re on the go can save money too!

Stay Hydrated On Rest Days

Drink water

Your body needs water to help maintain blood volume and carry nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. 

Carrying a water bottle at all times will help to remind you to drink regularly. 

If you struggle to drink water, herbal tea or fruit-infused water are healthy ways to stay hydrated!

Relaxing Rest Day


Not every rest day has to involve activity. It’s okay sometimes to listen to your body and take a full break. 

Resting at the right time can help to boost your immune system and allows your muscles to rebuild and recover. 

We all know how damaging stress can be to our bodies. When you are stressed you can be more susceptible to headaches, illness, insomnia or anxiety.  Treat your rest day as a time for self-care, when you can take a little time to completely relax and unwind

Make rest days an important part of your fitness routine!

Now you can see that recovery days are not “off” days, they are an important part of your training program!

Taking scheduled rest days can help you avoid overtraining and injury. Part of being healthy is learning to listen to your body and adjusting your routine so that you feel your best!  

What’s your favourite thing to do on rest days? Comment below!

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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