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How To Get Started With My Post-Pregnancy Program

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How To Get Started With My Post-Pregnancy Program
Post Pregnancy FAQ

My Post-Pregnancy program is now available in the Sweat app, so I want to share some answers to questions I know new mothers will have about the program!

After having my daughter, Arna, I found that I had lost a lot of core strength as a result of having a C-section, and I couldn’t just start a High Intensity program right away! 

To stay active post-pregnancy, I had to slowly ease back into training, gradually rebuilding my strength.

It wasn’t as simple as modifying the exercises, I had to focus on a different style of training to help my body recover from the pregnancy.

This experience inspired me to create a Post-Pregnancy program. It can be for anyone who’s had a baby and doesn’t know where to start to rebuild their fitness. 

Every woman’s post-pregnancy journey is different, so it’s essential that you work closely with your health professionals and only do exercise that you have clearance to do. 

What is my Post-Pregnancy program?

Post-Pregnancy is a program designed for women who’ve had a baby, to help them return to exercise with confidence. 

The program can support new mothers to rebuild their strength and fitness after pregnancy and birth. The workouts are short, ranging from 15-25 minutes, to fit into the busy life of a new mother. 

There are 16 program weeks, including four Foundation Weeks for women who have had a C-section or experienced other complications during birth. The workouts focus on rebuilding foundational core and pelvic floor strength before progressing into larger, more complex movements. 

This program is suitable for postpartum women, including women with Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), after their medical professional has provided clearance to begin light exercise. 

Where can I find Post-Pregnancy in the Sweat app?

If you are already a member of Sweat, here’s how you can find my Post-Pregnancy program: 

  1. Select your profile icon.
  2. Choose “Manage My Program”
  3. Choose “Select Program”
  4. Scroll across to the right under the “Other Programs” heading to find ‘Kayla’s Post-Pregnancy’.

If you are new to Sweat, when you sign up to the app, select me as your trainer, then select ‘Post-Pregnancy’. To ensure that you start at the best place in the program, you’ll be asked a few questions about whether you had a C-section birth or any complications.

You’ll also be asked if you have obtained clearance from your health professional to begin light exercise before you begin the program. 

What can I expect during the program?

After selecting Post-Pregnancy as your main program, if you’ve had a C-section or are experiencing symptoms of a weak pelvic floor, you will start with the Foundation Weeks. These weeks guide you through exercises to gently rebuild your core strength. 

There are two recommended resistance sessions in each week:

  • Upper Body & Core
  • Lower Body & Core
  • Full Body (Optional)

Each resistance workout starts with mobility exercises to warm up your body. During the Foundation Weeks and the first four weeks, you’ll do two laps of each circuit, containing three exercises. 

As the program progresses, the number of exercises increases to four, with three laps of each circuit. 

There are also optional 10-minute resistance sessions focusing on mobility and posture: 

  • Upper Body Posture
  • Hip Strength
  • Lower Back Relief 

These additional workouts target common problem post-pregnancy concerns. There are five workouts for each target area, making a total of 15 additional sessions you can use throughout the program.  

Suggested weekly timetable

What equipment is used?

To complete the Post-Pregnancy program, you’ll need the following equipment. These are all pieces of equipment you can use at home:

  • Yoga mat
  • Foam roller
  • Chair
  • Resistance band
  • Recovery band
  • Fitball
  • Massage ball
  • Step
  • Dumbbell(s)

If you don’t have all of these items you may be able to make substitutions, such as using sealed water bottles instead of dumbbells. The Sweat Support Team can help you with recommendations for equipment substitutions. 

New mums can use my Post-Pregnancy program to rebuild strength!

If you’ve had a baby and you are wondering where to begin, my Post-Pregnancy program can provide the support you need to get started. 

This program provides guidance to help you rebuild your strength and start your journey back to fitness. 

As a new mother, making time to look after yourself and keep a healthy mindset is so important! It can be hard to take time away from looking after your new baby, and that’s why I designed this program to be flexible, with workouts you can do at home

Are you a new mum trying to get back to fitness? How do you find time to take care of yourself? Share your tips in the comments below!

* Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. Sweat assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article.

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