Reasons You Don't Pack Lunch and How To Beat Them

Reasons You Don't Pack Lunch and How To Beat Them

Doesn’t eating a tasty lunch at school, or at work, sound much nicer than having to stand in line to buy something from a cafe? Bought lunches aren’t always the healthiest either — your options are often either something fried or salads with dressings loaded with salt or sugar. Packing a healthy lunch should be a no-brainer.

Making yummy lunches that keep you satisfied means there is less reason to go out and buy something potentially unhealthy. I know it’s not always that easy though, so here are a few reasons why you might not be packing lunch and my advice on getting past them to start ‘lunching’ better.

“Eating leftovers is boring”
Some girls don’t like eating the same meal within 24 hours, and I can understand that! Rather than leaving perfectly good food in the fridge, find a new way to dress it up. Instead of repeating grilled chicken and roast vegetables, try making a homemade gourmet pizza out of them. Turn leftover chicken and rice into a hearty soup filled with veggies. Play around with recipes to find new ways of enjoying leftovers.

“I like being social!”
To get a bit of social time during the day, lots of girls head out to grab lunch with a friend. It makes sense that you don’t want to give that up — who wants to sit in a cone of silence all day? If your workplace is a bit flexible, why not eat at your desk and then take a break? That way, you still get to add a social element to your day AND fit in a quick walk or some fresh air.

“I’m still hungry after eating my salad!”
I hear this from girls quite often! One thing I find they have in common is they aren’t eating enough protein. If you’re packing a salad to take for lunch, make sure it has a form of protein in it. Grilled chicken, salmon, beans or tofu is fantastic for filling a rumbling tummy! I also recommend packing some healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day, like some veggie sticks with hummus or cinnamon apple and yoghurt. Check out my blog on healthy snacks for more ideas!

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“I hate eating at my desk!”
Staring at your computer screen is hardly an enjoyable lunch break, so maybe grab your packed lunch and eat somewhere else! For example, if there’s a park nearby, why not wander over and eat there? That way you also get to have a bit of a stretch and move around. You’ll probably come back feeling much more refreshed!

“Packed lunches aren’t very appealing!”
If you are stuck with soggy sandwiches and limp salads, I understand why you’d say this. But the issue might actually be the way you are packing your lunch and not what you’re actually eating. It might be time to spend a little money on high quality containers to pack lunch into. Another tip — if you have the time, don’t put your sandwich together until you are ready to eat. There’s less chance of having to eat something soggy that way.

“I never have time to make lunch to take with me!”
A good on-the-go lunch does take a little bit of preparation. Set aside some time during the week for lunch preparation, or add it into meal prep if you are already doing that. You could try finding recipes that make larger servings, then pack the leftovers into a container in the fridge. You can also prep some basics and then change up the dressings each day for a bit of variety.

I love hearing from girls who have made the switch from buying to bringing lunch so they can eat healthier. Feel free to share your tips in the comments, so other BBG girls can use those too. I’m sure you’ll find once you get past the excuses and have a routine, packing lunch isn’t as hard as you thought!

Love, Kayla xx

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