How To Build The Best Grocery List

How To Build The Best Grocery List

Following on from last week's meal prep blog, I thought I would talk about how to build a good grocery list for yourself. This would be especially useful for all the girls who are following my Nutrition HELP Guide. Supermarkets can be dangerous territory if you are not careful! Go in hungry and you may come out with a 2 litre tub of ice cream, 4 packets of chips and having eaten all of the cake samples offered to you. The key to ruling the supermarket is to be organised!

Rule #1: Never, and I mean never, go to the supermarket hungry! All of a sudden EVERYTHING will look good to you….including that jar of Vegemite you would normally recoil at the sight of. You will end up packing your cart to the brim with foods you wouldn’t normally reach for, and may even forget what you actually came in for. On top of this, you may just go home and suddenly want to devour all the naughty food you just purchased to try and “get it out of the house” and prevent future temptation. When we are hungry we tend to be more irritable, have less energy and are unable to think straight. Not a good mix in the supermarket, especially where there are slow shoppers blocking up the aisles!

Rule #2: Plan your meals for the week. When you plan what you are going to be eating every day, it is easier to compile a list of all the ingredients you need and the exact amounts. This also eliminates that last minute panic of rushing to the store to get something quick to make for dinner that night, which usually ends up being ready-to-go meals. As I said last week, If you’re new to the idea of meal prep then I suggest planning a few days at a time and doing a couple of smaller shops until you become more comfortable with the process.

Rule #3: Break up your list by the different sections in the supermarket. For example grains, dairy, meat, fruit and veggies and dry foods. This will help you to see exactly what you need in each aisle and will save time going back and forth. It will also help you to avoid the aisles full of processed foods, which are full of refined sugars and/or saturated fat.

Rule #4: There are certain foods you shouldn’t even go near on a weekly basis, whether you are on a healthy eating plan or not. These are soft drinks, chips, biscuits, highly processed meats and lollies. None of these foods are nutritionally beneficial to you, so even if you see them on sale, don’t justify it to yourself. Of course, you should definitely treat yourself every once in a while, but not as a weekly grocery staple. A good rule for staying away from the junk foods is to shop the perimeter of the store, where most of the healthy food is kept!

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Below is an example of how you could write your grocery list, feel free to print this one out and add your own ingredients to it!

I hope you girls have got some inspiration from this post, I would love to see a photo of your grocery baskets! Upload them and tag me #kaylaitsines 

Kayla xx

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