4 Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

4 Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

4 Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

How many of us avoid walking the dog because it seems like a chore? Although walking our furry friends is vital to their health, let's face it, it can get a bit boring sometimes! Next time you need to take the dog for a walk, try these tips that will also help keep YOU healthy and active!

Fetch & Crunch
This is a super easy and fun activity that will also give your abs a mini-workout! Grab your dog's favourite toy and sit down on the floor in a sit up position. Do a sit up and pretend to toss the toy as you reach the top, complete three reps of this and toss the toy as you complete your fourth rep. When your dog brings it back, repeat this process again. If your dog likes to runaway with his toy/ball, increase the number of 'pretend throw' reps you are doing, so you get a better workout. Fetch can be played with almost any exercise! Try planking and throwing the toy - only stopping when your dog brings it back!

Stair Climb
This is a super easy one! Grab your dog and find the nearest set of stairs, whether they be in a park or nearby school. Go up and down the stairs with your pooch by your side, changing the way you climb each time for a more challenging workout. Try skipping one step or going up with a wider stance. This will also be a super energetic workout for your dog!


Shuttle Runs
This is a serious calorie burner for you, and a great way to tire your dog out if they are bouncing with energy! Set up some markers at varying distances from your 'starting line' and run to the first marker and back, to the second marker and back, third marker and back, and continue until you have reached all markers. This is a great HIIT exercise that will get your heart racing! It is also a great way to improve speed and agility for both for you and your dog. If your dog doesn't want to run along with you, try throwing a ball to each marker to encourage them!

Squat Tease
This is a fun one! Stand in squat position and have your dog's favourite toy or ball in hand, holding it in front of them but still out of their reach. As you come up from your squat, lift the toy as high as you can above your head and make your dog jump for it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, girls! I would LOVE to see some pictures of you exercising with your pets!

Love, Kayla xx

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