3 Tips To Manage Holiday Stress

3 Tips To Manage Holiday Stress


I absolutely LOVE the holidays! It is one of my favourite times of the year because I get to spend it with all my family and friends. However, I know for a lot of people (me included) they can also be a stressful time as you might be finishing up work or study for the year, and are rushing around buying presents and getting everything organised. Christmas tends to sneak up on you, leaving you in a last minute panic trying to get everything done.

Here are my top 3 tips on how to manage holiday stress and get the most out of Christmas:

1. Lists Are Your Best Friend

Whether you have already hit that last minute panic, or are a few weeks from the holidays - lists are going to be your lifesaver. Getting things done last minute may work out in favour for you at times, however when the rest of the world is also doing the same - tensions may rise.

Separate your lists into categories such as presents, decorations, food, events and travel. Write down everything you can possibly think of that you will need to do in relation to these categories, then try to prioritise these from least to most important. Getting it all out onto paper can help to clear your mind and give you something to start from, so you aren't running around like a crazy!

2. Go Shopping Early Or Online

I know for many people a major stress of the holiday period is buying presents and going shopping in general. It can be super hard to find time to fit this in, in between work, school, Christmas parties and other events. If you are someone who hates crowds this can be quite overwhelming too.

My best tip is to take advantage of stores extended hours and go super early in the morning, or late at night. This way you are missing the busy ‘peak hour’ crowds and can hopefully score a car park without too much drama. If you are working a lot before the holiday break, then try shopping online! I find this is where the lists I mentioned above come in most handy, if you know what you want to buy it makes it much easier to find online. A lot of places have great deals on shipping and returns at this time as well.

S3. Take Time For Yourself

I know this may seem like such a silly suggestion during the busy season, but trust me it makes a huge difference! If you are running around frazzled and stressed, it is not going to be helping anyone. When I am going through a super busy period in my life I try to take some time every couple of days to stop, and do something for myself - such as go for a walk.

Walking relaxes me sooo much and if you live near a park or hiking trail, the peacefulness of nature can help clear your mind and make you feel a little better. You may only have time for a 20 minute walk, but trust me this will still do you a world of good! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful and enjoyable holiday season with their families and loved ones. Remember, sometimes the best thing to do in this fast paced world is to simply slow down. Enjoy what surrounds you and be grateful for all the amazing blessings you are surrounded with!

Love, Kayla xx

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