Healthy Baking Substitutes

Healthy Baking Substitutes

healthy baking substitutes

I love finding healthier versions of all my favourite recipes. I think it's cool that you can experiment with food and make delicious tasting recipes that use wholesome ingredients. Some of the hardest things to make healthier are baking and dessert recipes, as they are usually filled with processed ingredients and a LOT of refined sugar!

I have put together some easy and healthy recipe substitutions next time you want to bake something delicious without the added nasties!

Healthy Baking Substitutes:

White Flour for Wholemeal Flour

This is one of the easiest swaps to make in any recipe because it is such a simple one. Wholemeal flour is nutritionally better for you because it contains the outer shell of the grain which hasn’t been stripped off and processed. Swapping white flour with wholemeal means that you’ll generally be getting more fibre, which plays an important role in digestion and regulating blood sugar levels.  Swap one cup of white flour with ⅞ cup of wholemeal flour.

Butter for Avocado

This is an amazing swap that sounds a little funny, but actually works SO well! Both butter and avocado are fats, however they are very different kinds of fat. Avocado has the same consistency as butter, and with its mild flavour you can’t even tell the difference between the two when you use it in baking. This is an easy swap to make, simply substitute butter with the same amount of mashed avocado.

Butter or Oil for Mashed Banana

This is also another great swap for butter.  As it has a stronger flavour than avocado, it is best used in recipes such as cookies, pancakes and muffins. Use one cup of mashed banana to one cup of butter or oil.

White Sugar for 100% Pure Maple Syrup 

Maple syrup is a great substitute for refined, white sugar. While it still does contain sugar, it is much sweeter which means that you generally don’t need to use as much to get the same amount of sweetness. It also has a higher mineral content than regular white sugar. When using it in recipes, use ¾ of a cup of maple syrup per cup of sugar and also reduce the recipe’s liquid content by 3 tbsp. 

Eggs for Chia Seeds

This is a great swap for all of you who are allergic to eggs or need to make recipe swaps suitable to different meal plans. Simply mix 1 tbsp of chia seeds with 3 tbsp of water and let it sit for 15 minutes. This mixture will thicken up and will work in the same way as one egg.

As you can see there are so many simple swaps you can easily make to create healthier recipes! Do you have any favourite swaps?

Love, Kayla xx

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