Five Ways to Add More Calm Into Your Life

Five Ways to Add More Calm Into Your Life

Five Ways to Add More Calm Into Your Life

I’m sure we could all do with a dose of mindfulness, focus and happiness! Read on for some helpful tips to add more calm and peace into your life.

Create a Peaceful Space
While it’s hard to completely switch off, having a quiet space to retreat to can really help calm the mind. Try making your own ‘calm space’ — a spot you can claim for your own quiet zone, where you can shut off distractions. Your personal calm space should help to nourish your mind and relax your body.

Find your happiness
With all this new technology, it’s much easier to stay in touch with the rest of the world. Often, our lives revolve around the lives of other people, which may cause us to take on the stresses of those close to us. Sometimes, it can cause us to neglect our own needs.

Each day, try to find time to focus on your own happiness. Clear a moment in your day to increase your happiness level. Read a magazine. Play a favourite song really loudly (while singing along) in the car on your way home. Do whatever small thing makes you feel happy!

Devote time to taking a timeout
I know how it feels to be super busy, rushing from one appointment to another! Take a pause sometime in your day to refocus and ground yourself. Taking time to switch off and focus just on ourselves is a great stressbuster. Put your phone down, block out the noise around you and simply be.

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Focus on your breathing
We take the simple act of breathing for granted most of the time. Deep breaths can help to slow our heart rate, as well as giving us renewed focus. Next time you need a little break, inhale deeply through your nose and then exhale slowly.

Control what you can
Feelings of stress or worry drain us of energy and can put extra strain on our bodies. The worst part is, often these worries are centered around things we have no control over.

Learning to block out your inner dialogue and unconstructive thoughts can help you deal with stress better. Rather than worrying about that mistake you made at work last week, focus on the present. Letting go of the past can remove a lot of stress and complications from your life. Being present and ‘in the moment’ is the key to a more calm and balanced existence.

We all know how chaotic and crazy our lives are, so any small adjustments that make us feel better are definitely worth trying, right? Hopefully these tips will help you girls take advantage of a moment to slow down or switch off.

Love, Kayla xx

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