How Important Is Wearing A Sports Bra?

How Important Is Wearing A Sports Bra?

So is wearing a sports bra while working out really important? The short answer, YES!

Despite the fact that many people think sports bras are just there to look pretty, or are only useful for larger chested women - they are a crucial part of your workout wardrobe! If there is one thing (apart from sneakers) that you should spend your money on, then it is definitely a sports bra. The reasons for this are:

The Correct Support
Most forms of exercise make your breasts bounce up and down, regardless of your cup size. Now this isn’t a laughing matter as it can pose serious risks to your health. Our breasts are made up of fatty tissue which is surrounded by skin and fragile ligaments called ‘Coopers Ligaments’. The problem with this is once Coopers Ligaments are stretched or broken down, they will sag and nothing can fix this. It doesn’t matter whether your breasts are big or small, we all have Coopers Ligaments that can be broken down over time and they won’t bounce back. When choosing a sports bra, make sure to consider whether you are going to be doing high or low impact exercise as there are different bras to suit each of these. It is also important that you get the right fit, there are a few different sports bras out there ranging from compression bras (which look like crop tops) to ones with inbuilt cups (similar to regular bras). Choosing the right bra will depend on your cup size, preference and activity level.

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Amazing Comfort
Underwires digging into your skin, need I say more? There is nothing more annoying than straps falling down, hooks becoming loose and things coming out when trying to do an intense workout. By wearing a sports bra you are also able to regulate the temperature of your body a little better because most are made out of fabrics that won’t make you as hot and sweaty. And while we are on the topic of sweat, do you really want to ruin that perfect lace number you bought with the large amounts of sweat trying to escape your body? I didn't think so. 

Relieve Pain
If you workout without a bra, or just use a standard t-shirt bra you are more at risk of developing back and breast pain as a result of this. Sports bras are specially designed to support your breasts ALL the way around, making sure they are secure and your skin can breathe.

No matter what type of exercise you do, buying a good quality sports bra is the same as buying good quality sneakers, it will support your body and enhance your workout routine!

Kayla xx

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