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What To Do If BBG Seems Too Hard

What To Do If BBG Seems Too Hard
BBG Too Hard

So many of the women who try my BBG program for the first time find it difficult. First of all, this is normal! If you are starting BBG for the first time, I recommend to join the BBG Community in the SWEAT app or the forum on SWEAT’s website to connect with other women doing my workout program. 

You are not alone if you find that sometimes BBG is too hard! This is why I have released a full eight-week Beginner program for anyone that is brand new to my BBG-style workouts, or are returning to fitness after some time off. 

How to get started with BBG

To find BBG Beginner, choose me as your trainer in the SWEAT app and select the Beginner weeks from the “Manage My Program” section.

If you are a beginner, or you are starting your fitness journey again, I highly recommend completing the beginner weeks of BBG - or give this full-body at-home workout a try! These eight weeks are a progressive introduction to my full BBG program and are designed to help increase your exercise knowledge while establishing your baseline fitness. 

Making your way through the Beginner weeks can help you to stick with the BBG program because it will get easier as you get stronger!

Remember that you should never compare your fitness journey to someone else’s! Just do YOUR best and commit to continuing with your training. 

To help you through those tough weeks of BBG when you feel like giving up, I’ve put together this list of four of the most common difficulties with BBG and what you can do to keep going. 

4 Things BBG beginners find hard and what to do

Use these ideas to help you stick with your fitness journey and keep working towards your goals. 

1. Can’t do a push-up

So many women tell me that when they first start BBG they can’t do a full push-up. 

This is no problem! You can start by doing wall push-ups, incline push-ups against a bench or variations on your knees, and work your way down as you get stronger. You’ll find some of these simpler variations already included in my BBG Beginner program!

In this way, by using push-up progressions, you can build up to a full push-up. Take your time and increase the difficulty at your own pace. 

With consistent training, you’ll be able to do a perfect push-up and even challenge yourself with harder variations. 

2. Jumping is too hard

My original BBG program contains a LOT of plyometric (jumping) exercises, and many women find these challenging. This is one of the main reasons why I created BBG Beginner, which has NO jumping for the first four weeks!

Jumping exercises are gradually introduced over the next four weeks of BBG Beginner, before you transition into Week 1.

From Beginner Week 5, there are only simple low-impact jumps that are included in the program, to help you build your confidence and strength.

For those ladies who are completing BBG, you may find that you feel light-headed if you aren't used to jump-style training. This might be a sign that you need to drink more water throughout the day. You could also try having a pre-workout snack to ensure you have enough energy for the workout. 

I’m aware that some of the exercises in BBG can be strenuous on your joints, particularly the knees. There are plenty of ways to modify the workouts to avoid high impact, and you can also do exercises that will strengthen your knees to help you build up your strength.

You can also modify the exercises in the BBG program to lower the intensity. For example, instead of doing a squat jump, you could do a regular squat. You’ll learn examples of this in the BBG Beginner weeks!

You can also find lots of exercise modifications on my Instagram, where I demonstrate exactly how to do the modified exercise. 

Starting BBG

3. Can’t finish a circuit

The circuits in BBG are timed, so you just do as many laps as you can fit into the seven minutes. If you don’t finish one full lap, that’s ok!

You can reduce the number of reps so that you can get through all the exercises, or just keep moving until the timer goes off. 

In the first six weeks of BBG Beginner, you’ll also find 30-second rest breaks within each circuit, as well as a 60-second rests between circuits to allow you to catch your breath as you build your fitness.

From Beginner Week 7 and onto the full BBG program, the mid-circuit rests are removed but 60-second rests between circuits continue. To help you stay on track, make sure to take these rests breaks — or even longer if you need. 

I know it seems discouraging if you can’t complete laps of the exercises like you see me do in the app, but I am telling you that if you stick to it, you will be able to in no time!

Do as much as you can, and do that consistently, two to three times each week. When you are a BBG beginner, the most important thing is CONSISTENCY! 

When you set aside the time to make doing your workouts a habit, and do as much as you can in that 28-minutes, you will gradually see progress. 

4. Run out of energy in 15 minutes

Lots of women who start out with BBG find they fatigue quickly because they aren't used to the intensity — even if they are already exercising regularly!

If you have wobbly legs or you simply run out of breath to go on after the first circuit, this is normal! 

One thing that you can do is to pace yourself at the beginning of the workout and try to maintain that lower intensity for a bit longer. Once you begin to build some fitness you can raise the intensity back up. 

What if BBG is too hard post-pregnancy?

For those new mums who aren’t ready to jump into BBG — I’ve got something for you too! One of the biggest concerns for mothers is the loss of core strength. I experienced this due to my C-section delivery and had to slowly ease back into training using a very different training style to my BBG program.

If you are like me and are struggling with returning to BBG after having a baby, it might be worth slowing right down and focussing on exercises that aim to heal and rebuild your strength. 

This is exactly what my Post-Pregnancy program does! I recommend starting with this program BEFORE moving into BBG Beginner and only when your health professional gives you clearance.

BBG is hard, but you can do it!

My BBG program will challenge you, but you have the support of other women from all over the world to help you get through it!

Start with BBG Beginner or Post-Pregnancy to gradually increase your strength at your own pace. You can also repeat the Beginner Weeks as many times as you need to before moving on to BBG 1.0!

I recommend reading my guide to surviving BBG Week 1 before you begin Week 1 of BBG 1.0. 

You can reach your health and fitness goals — make the commitment and stick to it!

Do you have any tips for when BBG seems too hard? Share them in the comments!

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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