Free BBG Workout To Get You Ready For The 12 Week Challenge

Free BBG Workout To Get You Ready For The 12 Week Challenge

Free BBG Workout To Get You Ready For The 12 Week Challenge
Free BBG Workout

Ladies, I’m so excited for all of you doing my BBG workouts to be part of the SWEAT 12 Week Challenge again this year! 

The 12 Week Challenge is a chance for all of us to come together and to support and encourage one another as we set out to reach our health and fitness goals. Whether you’re a devoted BBG girl or you’re reading this wondering ‘What is BBG?’, don’t worry! 

If you’re planning on using BBG as your workout during the 12 Week Challenge, or in general, I’ve included some information on BBG and how it differs from BBG Stronger, my other workout program. Not only that but you can try out a BBG workout in preparation for the challenge too. 

Grab a workout buddy and join us using either the Sweat app for all BBG workouts or with the original Bikini Body Guides if you are keen to make healthy lifestyle changes, to become fitter and stronger in 2019! 

I hope you all plan to join me on the 14th of January so we can complete 12 weeks of BBG together. 

What is BBG?

If you’ve never heard of BBG before, keep reading!

BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide, which is the original training program Tobi and I created in 2014. The original guide was a 12-week workout program, however, BBG has grown and grown! There are now more than 88 weeks of my workouts available. 

You can head to my blog, What Is BBG, if you want to know more about the BBG program and what it includes. If you want to read some inspiring stories from previous challenges, make sure you check out some BBG transformation stories!

In 2017, I also released a new workout program for gym users. BBG Stronger is different to BBG because it uses some key pieces of gym equipment in the circuits. The resistance workouts are still only 28 minutes long (just like BBG) but that doesn’t mean they are easy. You can find both of my programs in the Sweat app.

Try a free BBG workout!

In celebration of the 12 Week Challenge starting soon, I’m sharing a FREE BBG workout with you all!

This workout is inspired by my BBG program, which means that you can do it anywhere, anytime. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kayla Itsines workout if you didn’t get a little sweaty! 

It’s not an easy workout but believe me, that feeling of accomplishment and the endorphin rush after you’ve finished makes it so worthwhile. 

Let’s do this!


BBG free workout

How to start a BBG workout

Did the free workout above encourage you to start BBG? 

The great thing about BBG is you can do the workouts almost anywhere! Roll out an exercise mat on your floor at home, get outside in the fresh air or train in the gym — it is totally up to you. 

Make sure you warm-up before you start training (you can select a warm-up if you are using the app). Keep a drink bottle handy so that you can rehydrate during a rest as well.

How to do the BBG circuits

Both BBG and BBG Stronger use the same style of circuit and take 28 minutes to complete (not counting a warm-up). 

Each circuit includes four exercises and lasts for seven minutes. When the timer starts, you begin doing the first exercise and follow the number of reps (so for this workout, it would be 20 reps of a rebound lunge). Then you move on to the next exercise and follow the number of reps. If you finish all of the reps for each of the four exercises and there is still time left, you begin with the first exercise again. 

Once the timer stops after the first seven minutes, you rest for 30 seconds and then reset the timer for another seven minutes and start circuit two. The aim is to complete both circuits twice each — which gives you a tough workout in 28 minutes! 

As you become stronger, you might find you can complete more reps in less time, so you can push yourself to work a little faster. Just make sure you do the exercises with correct form to avoid injuring yourself.

Kayla ItsinesKayla ItsinesKayla Itsines

Start BBG during the 12 Week Challenge

Are you feeling excited now? As well as trying this BBG workout, there are a few easy things you can do to be ready for the new workout challenge and hit the ground running! 

You can follow along with the 12 Week Challenge whether you’re doing BBG or BBG Stronger. 

If you missed this year’s 12 Week Challenge, don’t worry. You can start BBG at any time by downloading the Sweat app and following the program.  

I’m excited for us all to focus on our goals and to get busy working to achieve them!

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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