Getting Started with High Intensity with Kayla Itsines

How To Survive Week 1 Of High Intensity With Kayla

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How To Survive Week 1 Of High Intensity With Kayla
BBG Week 1

The hardest part about starting a new fitness routine is showing up! 

Now that you’re ready, I want to share my top tips on getting started with High Intensity with Kayla Itsines, formerly known as BBG.

For those women who are new to the Sweat app, High Intensity with Kayla is my 28-minute workout program. I designed this program to help women become stronger, fitter and more confident! 

Whether you choose to do High Intensity Zero Equipment with Kayla, High Intensity with Kayla, or High Intensity Strength with Kayla, here are my top tips to help you get through your first week — and keep progressing through my programs with CONFIDENCE.

How to start High Intensity with Kayla

High Intensity with Kayla has eight Beginner weeks to help you build your baseline strength, fitness and confidence and assist you to further transition into the High Intensity with Kayla program. 

If you have a moderate fitness level already, you can skip the Beginner weeks and start from Week 1.

You’ll enjoy your workouts more when you exercise at an intensity that you feel comfortable with, plus ensure you avoid potential injury. 

How to get through High Intensity with Kayla: Week 1

Follow these tips to help you get started with  High Intensity with Kayla.

1. Prepare for your workout

Preparation is key! The night before your scheduled workout, familiarise yourself with the Sweat app, exercises and possible alternatives. Doing this ahead of time will ensure you’re ready to maximise your workout and avoid any workout wasters

It’s also a good idea to plan where you are going to work out so that you know what equipment you’ll have access to and if you’ll need to arrange any substitutes. For example, if you’re doing a workout at home, you might switch a bench for a chair. 

There’s an equipment list at the top of your workout screen that displays what you need BEFORE your workout starts which is especially handy if you are going to the gym so you can grab everything you need and set it up ready to go! 

If you don’t have the equipment, or you can’t do an exercise, you can tap any exercise within your workout to see a substitute. 

BBG Workouts Week 1

2. Start light

If you haven't used dumbbells before, you might be wondering how to work out with weights or what weight to choose for your workout. 

My best advice is to start light. This way, you can increase the weight as your fitness level improves and you get stronger. 

If you start with a weight that’s too heavy, you might find that you struggle to complete the reps which can be discouraging for your first session and even lead to injury. 

I recommend that you start with a light weight that allows you to complete 10-15 reps with correct form.

3. Go at your own pace

Each circuit lasts for seven minutes and has four exercises which you rotate through. Remember, everyone’s level of fitness is different.

If you are a beginner, don’t feel as though you need to complete multiple laps within the seven-minute circuit.

Use the instruction videos in the app and focus on doing your reps at your own pace. Ensuring that you use the correct form is far more important than repeating laps with poor technique. 

I have tutorials on how to do pushups with the correct form and how to better your burpees that can help you to get started! 

I also post regular videos on Instagram showing how to perform exercises from High Intensity with Kayla with correct form!

4. Your workout should suit you!

In my High Intensity with Kayla program, there are assigned reps for each exercise, BUT you can always adjust these reps to suit you. 

For example, the program might say “16 jump lunges”, but you may only be able to do 10. That’s perfectly okay while you are building your fitness. 

Each week you will find yourself getting stronger and fitter, and soon you’ll notice a gradual improvement!

You might also have existing injuries or concerns that prevent you from completing specific exercises, so be sure to modify the exercises to suit your needs and fitness level. 

For example, if you have an injury that prevents you from jumping, you may prefer to substitute jump squats for regular squats.

5. Fuel your body with the right foods

You don’t want to go into a high-intensity workout feeling hungry. 

I recommend a nutritionally balanced diet that will give your body the energy it needs to complete your workout and help your muscles recover. 

This means eating before and after your workout and getting a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

These workouts really push your body, so you definitely want the right fuel to get you through it. 

6. Recovery is important

When you first start High Intensity with Kayla, I can almost guarantee you’re going to FEEL your muscles the next day!

When you finish your workout, the app will present you with a “cool down” screen. I know some ladies may be super busy and need to run off, but TRY your best to complete this cool down session. 

These quick stretch and foam roll sessions can help promote recovery, prevent injury, improve flexibility and even help you to sleep better. 

A foam roller is a great recovery tool. Foam roller exercises can help release tension in your muscles, allowing you to move more freely and increase blood flow to your muscles.

Bonus tip: Use a workout playlist to get motivated!

Music can make such a BIG difference to your workout — I personally can’t work out without it! 

The most important thing about choosing a workout playlist is that it motivates YOU. 

Click on the music tab in the Sweat app to check out my workout playlists for inspiration, or choose your own. 

Smash out High Intensity with Kayla workouts in Week 1!

I hope these tips help you to begin my High Intensity with Kayla program. No matter what your health and fitness goals are, don’t fear getting started. You’ve got this!

If you’re thinking about starting my High Intensity with Kayla program, try this High Intensity with Kayla full-body at-home workout from the Sweat app! All you need is a bench or chair and an exercise mat.  

Why are you excited to make a change? Keep your goals within sight, and the rest won’t seem so scary. 

You’re ready for this, and once you get through the first week, you’ll be on track to stick with High Intensity with Kayla.

* Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. Sweat assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article.

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