3 Exercises You Should Do While Getting Ready!

3 Exercises You Should Do While Getting Ready!

shutterstock_101124118.jpgI'll admit, fitting a regular exercise routine into your schedule can be difficult. Even getting motivated to just start exercise can be tough. But, your routine doesn't always have to be one hour, or 30 minutes. Setting aside 5-10 minutes a day to get your blood pumping, can end up making a huge difference. Try to incorporate a few of these exercises while getting ready in the morning!

Morning Squats

Squats are a great way to tone your butt, quads and legs. Incorporating them into your morning routine is a great way to "kill two birds with one stone." Try using the mirror as your squat station. Instead of perfecting your ponytail or applying your makeup over the bathroom sink, hold a squat position in front of a full-body mirror while you blow dry your hair, or add the finishing touches to your make-up. 

Calf Raise

One easy exercise that requires nothing but the get-up-and-go attitude is calf raises. This exercise is great for toning up your legs and strengthening calf muscles. While brushing your teeth in the morning, try to fit in 2 sets of 30 calf raises by going up and down on your toes. To add an extra challenge try walking on your toes the entire time you take to get ready to head out the door!

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Coffee Brew Push Ups

While waiting for your morning coffee to brew and cool down, or for your curlers to heat up, sneak in some push-ups. Push-ups can be done at a variety of different angles, which can shift the focus to different parts of your muscles. Not having to get all the way on the floor can make it easier to hop back into your morning routine. Try using the side of the bed or a counter to do this exercise.

The next time you wake up feeling like you can't find time to go to the gym, hop out of bed, and incorporate these simple moves into your routine! You will be surprised how the small changes can lead to big differences.

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